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March 30, 2014

Well, hello, Amr Diab! (Image courtesy of
13:50 GMT

In case you ever were intrigued to find out what Amr Diab wears when he gets a haircut, the mystery has now been solved. Some might wish they could unlearn this info.

Eyad with his beautiful wife Shayma. (Image: Facebook)
13:48 GMT

Jordanian singer Eyad Nassar has tied the knot for the second time around and looks pretty chuffed about it!

"It was great to be back in Dubai tonight!" JLo posted with this Facebook picture.
13:28 GMT

Thank you, Jennifer Lopez, for a Dubai gig that didn't disappoint.

Jihan prints a kiss on her hubby's cheek to prove that it's all OK! (Image: Twitter)
12:14 GMT

Rumor has it that Jihan is mad at her hubby Ragheb Alama for his womanizing ways, but her Tiwtter picture says otherwise!

Sherine became a whole different woman after separating from her ex-hubby. (Image: Facebook)
10:18 GMT

Superstar Sherine Abdelwahab shocked her fans with something they didn't know about or expect from her: She's had an abortion!

George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin on a double date with Emily Blunt and John Krasinski. (Image courtesy of
10:05 GMT

Things must be getting serious between Hollywood hottie George Clooney and his smarty pants Lebanese lady if he's introducing them to married pals Emily Blunt and Krasinski!

D-CAF could be considered the crème de la crème of cultural events in Cairo this week.
09:28 GMT

So much to do, so much to see and only 7 days to do it.

The picture Ayman posted of himself on Facebook last week. (Image: Facebook)
07:22 GMT

Ayman Reda posted a picture of himself looking badly injured by a missile in Syria.

March 29, 2014

Shatha has had a very prosperous career but is now planning on quitting in two years' time. (Image: Facebook)
05:00 GMT

Shatha Hassoun has dropped a bombshell on her fans this week when she announced that she will be quitting the music industry in two years' time.

The official poster for BBC's Arabic film and documentary festival. (Image: Facebook)
05:00 GMT

BBC's Arabic Film and Documentary Festival is ready to take in applications from budding filmmakers of any nationality or age.

March 28, 2014

Saeed, you got a friend in me. Adel Imam is there for you, man.
21:04 GMT

Lifelong acting pals Adel Imam and Saeed Saleh have been through the thick and thin...and house fires together.

Tamer has cut all professional ties with Tarik after this money incident. (Image: Facebook)
05:30 GMT

Superstar Tamer Hosny was not expecting his music video director Tarik Freitekh to deduct $150K from his wages!

March 27, 2014

This is the festival's first run, but it has already secured a number of popular music acts to perform on its stage. (Image: Albawaba edit)
09:38 GMT

A new music and art fair kicked off in Tunisia Wednesday, and will see Jordanian rock band Jadal and Tunisia's Jazz Club of Tunis play this week.

Shabola's stoked to join the sweet list of singers at the Mawazine Festival (Image: Facebook).
08:41 GMT

In a first time honor for the Egyptian folk singer, Shabaan Abdel Rahim aka Shabola has been invited to join other Arab stars performing at the Mawazine Festival in Morocco this summer.

A theatre was built inside Luxor Temple which hosted the opening ceremony, with a performance by Nile Ballet of the Cairo Opera House and music by Omar Khairat. (Image: Facebook)
08:30 GMT

The Luxor African Film Festival closed Monday with awards for Egypt and the biggest honor going to a genocide drama from Rwanda.