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February 6, 2014

We can't think of a better way to spend your evening on March 8 than to rock out to some Eric Clapton hits. (Image: Facebook)
09:58 GMT

The legendary British singer Eric Clapton will be making his Bahrain debut this March.

Nicole + Tamer = Yasin + US tour
09:58 GMT

The leading lady of his upcoming drama "Yasin" will also be sharing the spotlight with Tamer Hosny on stage in Washington D.C. on February 15 as the two conduct a concert for the US Capital.

This is where the tunes of love will be in the air! (Image: Facebook)
09:39 GMT

A special Valentine's repertoire is yours for the listening this Sunday, February 9 in Alexandria and Monday February 10 in Damanhour thanks to the Alexandria Opera House String Orchestra and the Sweet Sound Band.

Leap for joy! There is still hope to rock with the Rolling Stones in Abu Dhabi! (Image: Facebook)
09:21 GMT

For fans bummed they didn't get their Rolling Stones tickets in time before they sold out, you now have cause for rejoicing because du Arena has been expanded, making more tickets available for purchase now!

Ezz hired Zeina’s friend and lawyer to the stars Murtada Mansour to represent him in court against the lawsuit Zeina had filed against him. (Image: Albawaba edit)
09:12 GMT

The Ahmed Ezz-Zeina baby drama continues. Now he's claiming Zeina refused a DNA test! Uh, oh!

The hilarious satirist Bassem Youssef will be gracing our screens once again this Friday! (Image: Gulf News)
07:48 GMT

OMG! Bassem Youssef's controversial show "El Bernameg" is finally going back on air tomorrow on Saudi airwaves!

Khaled Abol Naga plays a makeup-aged old man on "Villa 69" (Image: Facebook)
05:00 GMT

Neither depressing nor sad, but greatly realistic, "Villa 69" delivers us to the Nile where a dying man takes stock of his life.

February 5, 2014

The pretty gold and diamond teddy necklace Haifa loves to wear! (Image: Facebook)
14:22 GMT

Haifa Wehbe is the new face of luxury jewelry brand Zoughaib's "Valentine Star Collection."

Mahmoud Yasin peaces out of his role alongside Adel Imam
13:50 GMT

Controversy about his portrayal in the drama "His Excellency" as a secondary actor have instigated his withdrawal from the project starring Adel Imam.

Dolly Shahine with her hubby and director (Image: Facebook)
13:21 GMT

Drama, drama, drama. After Dolly Shahine and her husband/ director Bakhous Ilwan accused Nadina of ripping them off and fleeing Egypt, the songstress of Lebanese origin says the couple should take the matter to court.

Makki is going ahead with a fourth sequel for his hit show "The Strong One." (Image: Facebook)
13:16 GMT

Ahmad Makki likes doing whatever he sees fit, and working on a fourth part of "The Strong One," despite others' advice not to, is no exception!

Rotana stars Tamer Hosny and Amr Diab both have concerts keeping them from their filming projects right now.
13:04 GMT

Filming for his upcoming drama "Fame" will resume shortly, but the Rotana songster has to prove he's still on board the production company's train by performing at their Hello February Music Festival in Kuwait.

Deceased actor Paul Walker has left his 15-year-old daughter quite the sum of cash. (Image: Facebook)
12:04 GMT

The 15-year-old daughter of late actor Paul Walker is the sole heiress of the Fast & Furious star's estate after he passed away in a car crash shortly before he was scheduled to film the 7th sequel in Abu Dhabi.

Opening ceremony of 2nd Luxor African Film Festival. (Image: Luxor African Film Festival)
11:56 GMT

The third edition of the Luxor African Film Festival will run from 18 to 24 March, featuring films from 41 African countries.

Jenny is taking on a new acting challenge  in "Gates of the Wind." (Image: Facebook)
09:37 GMT

Jenny Asper is going back in time in her latest TV drama series “Abwab Al Reeh” (Gates of the Wind).