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June 24, 2014

Lara says she's not interested in dating men anymore! (Image: Facebook)
14:40 GMT

Lara Kay wants to be a lesbian, and this is what's triggered her to make that decision!

Ahlam promised each Algerian player who scores a goal a gift of $10K! (Image: Facebook)
14:12 GMT

Algeria have scored a few goals and Ahlam should be paying them what they're owed as promised!

Will Athar and Ramez be able to get through their problems before his next show airs? (Image: Albawaba edit)
10:48 GMT

Rumor has it that oldie goldie Athar al Hakim is accusing young prankster Ramez Galal of sexually harassing her!

Yosra must be delighted to be having her first child this year. (Image:
08:56 GMT

She tried to keep it a secret, but everyone now knows that Mrs Yosra el Lozy is preggers!

Fete de la Musique took place on June 21st in Lebanon.
07:00 GMT

Saturday saw droves of fans despite security fears in Lebanon for the Fête de la Musique festival.

Flowers and Gardens Festival
05:00 GMT

“Kids make up the highest percentage of festival-goers,” said the official for Saudi Commission for Tourism and Antiquities (SCTA).

June 23, 2014

M Ward is making his way to the Middle East. (Image: Facebook)
20:32 GMT

From Portland to the Gesher Theater in Jaffa, M. Ward's musical acclaim precedes his June 25th gig.

Grace Deeb is back, baby! (Image: Facebook)
17:55 GMT

It's been a few years since Grace Deeb produced her own video for "Sing", but the Lebanese songstress is back in business now, baby!

Still from Aida El Kashef's "A Tin Tale".
17:42 GMT

Aida El-Kashef’s 2011 short film 'Hadouta Men Safeeh' (A Tin Tale) was restricted from screening at Zawya, but the program's curator managed away around it.

Still from Omar Zohairy's 'The Aftermath of the Inauguration of the Public Toilet at Kilometer 375.' (Image: Al Ahram)
12:53 GMT

Egyptian film The Aftermath of the Inauguration of the Public Toilet at Kilometre 375, which explores fear, was named best student short film at the now 20-year-old Palm Springs International ShortFest.

Wael with his lovely family. (Image: Facebook)
10:43 GMT

Wael Jassar talks family, his daughter's singing talent and why he wants them out of the spotlight!

The official poster for Carole doing Carthage this year. (Image: Facebook)
09:51 GMT

The International Carthage Festival is celebrating its 50-year-anniversary this year and Carole Samaha is making her debut at the prestigious event as well.

A still from the video featuring Ahmed's interview. (Image: YouTube)
09:04 GMT

Ahmed Bedair couldn't help but cry in an interview on Egyptian TV this week!

Amr is bringing out a religious music album this Eid! (Image: Facebook)
08:22 GMT

A bunch of Arab singers are "doin' it right" and releasing their latest music albums this Eid instead!