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June 16, 2014

Naseer Shamma is performing at the Cairo Opera House on Tuesday at 8pm. (Image: Facebook)
17:37 GMT

So much to do, see, and hear in the cities this week.

George Clooney and Beirut-born Amal Alamuddin are soon to become Mr. and Mrs.
17:19 GMT

After George Clooney says "I do" to Amal Alamuddin this fall, the Hollywood hottie is aiming to run for governor of California, which may lead to a presidential campaign down the road.

Tania has been inspired by the affect the Egyptian and Tunisian revolutions have had on independent music in the Middle East. (Image: Facebook)
12:27 GMT

Lebanese singer Tania Saleh sings for the empowerment of Arab women and now needs your help to fund her next album.

Following the release of Aziza's first album, preparations are already underway for a bigger show next winter (Image: Asharq Al-Awsat)
12:01 GMT

Aziza, the folk-pop singer has brought something unique to the music scene in Lebanon, which made her into an instant starlet!

Helmy will not be attending the Casablanca International Film Festival this year! (Image: Albawaba edit)
10:43 GMT

He was supposed to attend the Casablanca International Film Festival for a very important matter, but sadly Ahmed Helmy has other plans!

"Waynak Habibi" is a duet with Iraqi singer Adel al Iraqi, who brought the song to life with his upbeat performance and unique voice. (Image: Facebook)
09:32 GMT

If you're searching for "your love," Lebanese superstar Assi Helani, you'll find him on YouTube, where his latest music video "Waynak Habibi?" (Where Are You My Love?) has been launched!

Sabah has been around for every single World Cup game! (Image: Albawaba edit)
08:34 GMT

Lebanese veteran superstar Sabah has been around for every single World Cup game, and that's apparently funny to many pranksters in the Arab world!

June 15, 2014

Taim has chosen not to discuss his alleged affair with Tafesh! (Image: Facebook)
15:07 GMT

After Dima Bayaa revealed that her ex-husband cheated on her with Nisreen Tafesh, Taim Hassan wouldn't comment on the matter!

President Sisi while visiting the rape victim at the hospital. (Image: Facebook)
13:42 GMT

Ghada Abdel Razek seems to think that the Tahrir Square victim is lucky to have President Sisi visit her!

Ahmed was a smart high school student and is a talented comedian actor! (Image: Facebook)
12:56 GMT

Is it OK that Ahmed Helmy - apparently - failed high school twice, if he's a fab actor now?

The distressed actress concluded by saying that she hopes the security laws will be tightened to put an end to this violence. (Image: Facebook)
12:04 GMT

Bushra is the latest celeb to get attacked by thugs while filming on the set of her upcoming TV show.

Angham is a proud Egyptian citizen of her country's President. (Image: Albawaba edit)
09:36 GMT

Egyptian singer Angham was proud of the way President Sisi reacted towards the Tahrir Square rape victim.

Qamar with her adorable son Jimmy. (Image: Facebook)
08:49 GMT

Controversial Lebanese singer Qamar is back in the spotlight, but this time she's not alone!

The pic Ahlam posted on Instagram of her promised gift to the Algerian team! (Image: Instagram)
08:03 GMT

UAE singer Ahlam has promised the Algerian team a diamond football should they claim the World Cup title!

Great performances will take place at Cairo's Opera House this week. (Image: Facebook)
07:13 GMT

Here are the music and dance events you can feast your senses on this week in Egypt!