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December 3, 2014

Haifa Wehbe gets some tender posthumous words from the late Sabah.
14:20 GMT

"Sabah's will to you is that you remain a successful star," the late artist's daughter shared with Haifa Wehbe at the funeral on Sunday.

Bill Cosby on the set of his hit TV show. (Image: Facebook)
13:58 GMT

"Condemn Israel, and rape allegations will go away," the sitcom actress suggests to the old school comedian who suddenly has a bad reputation.

Assaf performing on stage with his famous traditional Palestinian scarf on. (Image: Daily Mail)
13:28 GMT

In an exclusive interview with the UK's The Daily Mail, Mohammed Assaf makes a passionate plea for Israel to stop killing innocent civilians after seeing "families and friends destroyed in seconds."

Kimmy opted for Jimmy Choos on her trip to the Dubai desert! (Image: Daily Mail)
12:00 GMT

Who wears 5 inch heels in the Dubai desert? Kim Kardashian of course!

Bale isn't impressed with Clooney's constant whining about the paparazzi. (Image: The Independent)
11:00 GMT

Hollywood's Christian Bale wants newlywed George Clooney to "shut up" about concerns over privacy and tabloids!

Egypt will host a wonderful line-up of concerts this Holiday. (Image: Albawaba file)
09:40 GMT

Lost for what to do this holiday season? Here's a listing of Christmas and New Year concerts in Egypt!

Kim captioned this pic on Facebook with, "Of course I need a selfie!!!!"
06:00 GMT

Mrs. Kanye West was "honoured" to meet US troops on the USS San Diego in Abu Dhabi last month. She raised their spirits - and no doubt some other things - as she kissed up on the soldier boys.

James's latest project is the film "Pocket Listing." (Image: James Jurdi)
05:00 GMT

Meet Hollywood's latest heartthrob: 28-year-old Lebanese-American screenwriter and actor James Jurdi.

December 2, 2014

Amr Diab is ready to take on Abu Dhabi.
19:12 GMT

Two Arab hotties are ready to take the stage in the Emirati Capital city on December 26th.

Like mother, like daughter: Dominique with her little princess Dilara. (Image: Facebook)
12:55 GMT

Dominique Hourani has finally opened up about the REAL reason behind her divorce from Alireza Almassi.

Who wants to celebrate the New Year with George Wassouf this Dec? (Image: Layalina)
11:33 GMT

Make your New Year's Eve a special one by spending it at George Wassouf's concert in Dubai this Dec 31.

Khaled posted a picture of him in hospital as he bravely battles Hepatitis C. (Image: CBC)
10:58 GMT

After announcing that he is battling Hepatitis C last month, Khaled al Sawi shocked his fans further by telling them that he's incurable!

Sherine flashes a smile and says sorry to Yaser Khalil's wife. (Image: Facebook)
10:30 GMT

Sherine has had a lot of apologizing to do lately with her altercation and now the rumor circulating that she was secretly married to Yaser Jalal. Never mind that he was already married!

Ahamad Al Sakka has his game face ready to launch his new TV show shoot.
10:14 GMT

The Egyptian actor has begun filming scenes alongside his co-stars for "Thahab Wa Awdah" (Going and Coming) that is slated to air in Ramadan 2015.

The popular rock band pose for a photo with their fans in Dubai. (Image: Facebook)
09:18 GMT

Fans from all over the world were treated to an electric performance by Mashrou Leila on Sunday night in Dubai.