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April 8, 2014

Will Adel really become the next Lebanese President? (Image: Albawaba edit)
08:51 GMT

Lebanese comedian Adel Karam has announced that he's running for presidency in Lebanon.

Fans speculate that Ahlam is trying to get Abdo on board Arab Idol. (Image: Facebook)
08:10 GMT

After Ragheb Alama shocked everyone with his decision to quit Arab Idol, Ahlam has been on-the-go to find a suitable replacement!

Adel Imam's the man! He's what has Liqa Swaidan most excited this year.
05:00 GMT

With three shows on the docket this year, Liqa Swaidan has a seriously full slate. One drama in particular has her head over heels.

April 7, 2014

Sattar poses with his The Voice Arabia winning trophy! (Image: Facebook)
14:15 GMT

The Voice Arabia judge Kazem El Saher denied rumors that his sons and him paid money to get people to vote for Sattar Saad.

Ragheb won't be returning to Season 3 of Arab Idol. (Image: Facebook)
12:55 GMT

In a shocking revelation, Lebanese superstar and Arab Idol judge Ragheb Alama has pulled out of the TV talent competition!

It's either Elissa or nobody in the region for a duet with Mohammad Hamaki.
12:06 GMT

Mohammad Hamaki bares all on his documentary "Hamaki Wal Hayat".

Majed at the Mouawad press conference in Dubai. (Image: Facebook)
10:42 GMT

Majed Al Mohandes became the new face of luxury jewelry and watches brand Mouawad.

Ahmed Helmy's making dreams come true, one talented little girl at a time.
10:10 GMT

During season three of Arabs Got Talent, Ahmed Helmy promised a little girl that she could star in his upcoming film "Made in China". Now the talent show judge and comedian is holding true to his word.

Nadia and Mukhtar are good at working creatively together. (Image: Albawaba edit)
09:50 GMT

Nadia Al Jundi is returning back to the small screen with her ex-hubby after an absence of three years.

Nelly Karim explains what's behind the filming delays for "A Day for Women".
09:35 GMT

Nelly Karim combats rumors that her upcoming film "A Day for Women" has been halted due to financial issues.

"Lucy" will be in theaters this August.
09:19 GMT

The trailer we've all been waiting for has finally been released online. Our region's own Amr Waked is seen next to Hollywood actress Scarlett Johansson in "Lucy".

Craig's Bahrain F1 performance was one to remember. (Image: Facebook)
08:50 GMT

Craig David brought the Klub 360 crowd to life during his sell-out performance o Friday night!

Tomorrow/Bokra debuted at number 1 and remained at the top of the Virgin International & Arab Music Charts for 5 consecutive weeks. (Image courtesy of the G3 website).
05:00 GMT

What do a jazz artist and a CEO have in common? They work to bridge cultures through music and CEO, according to the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts!

April 6, 2014

Jenny Asper got us good with that April Fools joke.
14:37 GMT

She got us, and she got us good. We were super pumped to share the announcement that Jenny Asper had snagged a sweet deal starring alongside Hollywood hottie Brad Pitt, but it turns out the joke's on us. That was one cruel April Fools prank, Jenny!

Halima is going to be the latest face of "Al Mihwar" TV. (Image: Twitter)
14:31 GMT

Halima Poland is set to become the latest face of Egyptian TV channel "Al Mihwar."