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December 22, 2013

Basma is a big fan of Nancy Ajram
07:19 GMT

Who doesn't have a girl crush on Arabia's sweetheart songstress? Nancy Ajram even receives the admiration of her fellow celebs and their spouses!

Palestinian film "Omar" was nominated for an Oscar on Friday, while fellow Palestinian production "Palestine Stereo" wasn't. (Image: Facebook)
07:06 GMT

A Palestinian film has been shortlisted for a best foreign language Oscar on Friday.

Haifa plays a 'slave widow' in her upcoming film "Goodness of the Soul." (Image: Facebook)
05:00 GMT

We finally know some more details about Haifa Wehbe’s highly-anticipated upcoming film “Halawit Rouh” (Goodness of the Soul).

December 21, 2013

Shrek 4D in theaters in the US. (Image:
04:00 GMT

Prepare for 4D experience coming to a theatre near you in the UAE.

December 20, 2013

Fadel Shaker before he quit singing and converted into a Jihadist. (Image: Facebook)
04:52 GMT

He may have quit singing years ago, and he may be on the run from the law, but ex-singer Fadel Shaker has just released a religious chant about Jesus.

Jamal will be playing the role of the legendary late Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser. (Image: Facebook)
04:00 GMT

Jamal Suliman is the latest actor chosen to play the late Gamal Abdel Nasser in a TV series.

December 19, 2013

Snow on the pyramids, what?! Everything in Egypt, including the entertainment industry, pretty much stopped for three days as the shock and stress of a snow covered country set in. (Image: Twitter)
09:36 GMT

Not only did daily life become a struggle for the surprised Egyptians that awoke to find their country salted with snow, but even the celebrities had to slow things down, delaying film projects in process.

Carmen Suleiman smiles with the satisfaction of her success. (Image: Facebook)
09:09 GMT

Hoping to release her first full album when the record industry is back on its feet, Arab Idol winner Carmen Suleiman can't wait forever to launch her career. That's why she's giving us a gift this winter holiday of the song "Habib Wa Mish Habibi" (My Love and Not My Love).

Abd Elfattah Grini greets his audience in Alexandria (Image: Facebook)
08:37 GMT

Record snow and freezing temperatures were no barrier for Alexandria University students to see Abd Elfattah Grini live in concert at their school!

Sabrine ready to smoke the screens again.
08:11 GMT

Egyptian actress Sabrine is taking the success from her Ramadan role and running with it, starring in two dramas this winter.

Abeer was hospitalized for food poisoning back in July. (Image: Facebook)
06:59 GMT

Doctors have ordered Abeer Sabri to rest up after her surgery. But, is she?

Now you'll be able to see what Maya's doing in detail and all the time! (Image: Facebook)
06:37 GMT

Yes Maya fans, our Lebanese diva will be getting her own reality TV show, just like Kim K. Will you be watching?

Christmas at the Cairo Opera House (Image courtesy of Al Ahram Online)
06:33 GMT

Audiences were delighted with some serious Christmas cheer with performances by The Cairo Opera Orchestra, Cairo Celebration Choir and Cairo Opera Company soloists on December 16 and 17 for the Cairo Opera House's annual Christmas concert.

Hussein with his blind wife Rania Al Ossaimi. (Image:
04:00 GMT

Hussein Fahmy's fans weren't too kind to him this week after pictures of him and his sixth wife circulated the internet.

December 18, 2013

Layla is politically-active and against the Syrian government of Bashar Al Assad. (Image: Facebook)
09:41 GMT

Syrian actress Layla Awad was arrested by the Syrian government at the Syrian-Lebanese border this week.