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December 18, 2013

Myriam looked stunning in the dress she wore to her private performance in London last night. (Image: Facebook)
09:08 GMT

Myriam Fares decided to do her last-minute Christmas shopping in London this year.

Say hello to 2014 with Majed Al Mohandes and Elissa in concert! (Image: Facebook)
09:00 GMT

What a dynamic duo to spend New Year's Eve with! Elissa and Majed Al Mohandes are ready to make some musical magic happen at Dubai's Ritz Carlton DIFC on December 31st.

Kelly Rowland raising her left hand that now sports some serious bling! (Image: Facebook)
08:00 GMT

It's no surprise to us! We suspected the pop songstress had agreed to marry her manager Tim Witherspoon when she was rumored to be wearing a decent sized rock on her left hand around the time of her Dubai gig earlier this year.

Sherine celebrated car oil company “Mobil's” 100th Anniversary in Cairo. (Image: Facebook)
07:59 GMT

Egyptian singer and mum-of-two Sherine Abdel Wahab celebrated Mobil's 100th Anniversary in Egypt in style.

Yusuf Islam performing in Santiago recently (Image: Facebook)
07:00 GMT

Props to the musical artist who converted to Islam in the 70s for being inducted into the esteemed Rock & Roll Hall of Fame!

The Munich Percussion and String Orchestra will be performing at the Cairo Opera House. (Image:
06:53 GMT

On Friday 20 December in Cairo and 22 December in Alexandria, the Munich Percussion and String Orchestra conducted by Adel Shalabi will perform works by Omar Khairat and world composers.

The late Fast & Furious star Paul Walker (Image: Facebook)
06:00 GMT

Followed closely by Mohammad Assaf, the late Paul Walker tops the list of people trending in google search for 2013.

Carole Samaha smoked the screen of "Mahboubi Ana" Tuesday night! (Image: Facebook)
05:00 GMT

Hopping from performance to live performance, Carole Samaha takes the stage and screen again, singing her hit "Ehsass kbeer" on MBC 1 TV show "Mahboubi Ana" Tuesday night.

Haifa Wehbe posing with Eva Longoria (Image: Instagram)
04:00 GMT

Is Haifa Wehbe walking the red carpet with Hollywood star Eva Longoria at The Global Gift Gala in Dubai as an act of charity or for questionable ambition?

December 17, 2013

Eva Longoria loves on a camel in Dubai (Image: Facebook)
13:59 GMT

Eva Longoria shared about growing up with a special needs sister at Dubai's recent Global Gift Gala.

Youssef became known as Egypt’s Jon Stewart - the American political satirist and host of a The Daily Show, a satirical news programme. (Image: Facebook)
13:14 GMT

Bassem Youssef, the Arab region's top trending person online in 2013, talks about the political and polemic conscience of Egypt.

Donia Samir Ghanem takes' the 2013 cake with the No. 1 music video for MENA. (Image: Facebook)
12:40 GMT

Check out this grand slam list of the Middle East and North Africa's most popular music videos from the last 12 months on youtube.

Hussein Fahmy with his 6th wife - she's from Saudi Arabia! (Image: Facebook)
11:50 GMT

Lovebird Hussein Fahmy has gotten married for the sixth time around. WOW!

Nadine Tahsin Baik tackling many a cinematic project right now! (Image: Facebook)
10:46 GMT

Nadine Tahsin Baik is bouncing from character to character right now with a cinematic career that's skyrocketing!

Nancy Ajram and Tamer Hosny lovin' on their Cairo crowd.
09:59 GMT

Two of our region's biggest stars showed no fear of carrying on with life and their careers in Egypt despite the political instability. The duo held a concert for "Q Net" on December 14th to a raving crowd.