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January 12, 2014

Ustad Rahat Fateh Ali Khan crying at the mic (Image courtesy of viagogo)
09:19 GMT

Thousands of fans traveled to Bahrain from around the Gulf to attend the concert of popular Pakistani singer Ustad Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, but an unfortunate car accident just hours before his scheduled gig kept him from performing Friday night.

Did Adel really desert his ill newborn in the hospital? (Image: Facebook)
09:17 GMT

Lebanese actor Adel Karam is rumored to be a terrible daddy who has abandoned his newborn son in hospital.

Justin Timberlake taking the stage by storm! (Image: Facebook)
09:03 GMT

Get ready to get your sexy on with superstar Justin Timberlake in a few months! Open up the pocket book because tickets go on sale this week for his May 23rd Abu Dhabi gig!

The last edition of LFF, staged at Metropolis Cinema-Sofil in August 2012, was enthusiastically attended. (Image: The Daily Star)
08:45 GMT

A Beirut Cinema fundraising event has been cancelled due to the terrible political conditions in Beirut. What a shame!

A cinema screening, an art gallery, and a dash of Mozart will do ya for the week in Egypt!
08:37 GMT

Yet another list of varied forms entertainment to choose from across Egypt from January 12-19!

Sherine divorced composer Mustafa two years ago, but neither he did she reveal the real reason behind their separation. (Image: Facebook)
08:25 GMT

Sherine Abdel Wahab's fans are convinced that her latest single reveals the true reason behind her divorce? Did her ex-hubby really cheat on her?

The soaps the stole the scene in 2013
08:09 GMT

Last year was a pretty lackluster one for the world of Arab soap operas, but one thing that did draw attention were the slew of political soaps.

January 11, 2014

Salma has been appointed as a Goodwill Ambassador for children with cancer in Syria. (Image: Facebook)
12:37 GMT

The good-hearted Syrian actress Salma Al Masri has been appointed as a Goodwill Ambassdor for Syrian children with cancer.

Latifa's fans will be able to listen to her latest album for free on her official FB page. (Image: Facebook)
12:00 GMT

Tunisian singer Latifa knows just how to make her fans tick; she's treated them to a really cool and unexpected Facebook surprise.

Get ready to watch the fabulous TV host in action next month! (Image: Facebook)
11:08 GMT

Missed him? Well, Egyptian satirist Bassem Youssef and his controversial Al-Barnameg TV program are set to return to Egyptian television screens in February.

January 10, 2014

Adel Imam may smile, but he's not going to spill it on his new show
09:00 GMT

The cardinal rule for film making is to keep close lipped about all the deets, says Adel Imam! That's why and his cast and crew aren't sharing a thing about their upcoming drama.

Maysoon Abu Asaad is ready show off her mad skillz once more (Image: Facebook)
05:00 GMT

She wasn't the first choice for the part, but she snagged it! Maysoon Abu Asaad has the role as the second wife of the main character "Abu Issam" played by Abbas Al Nour in "Barb Al Harah".

January 9, 2014

Image of Tamer with his daughter courtesy of
09:15 GMT

Tamer Hosny will be featuring his daughter in one of the episodes of the documentary currently being made titled "Rihlat Soud" (The Journey Towards Fame).

Safinar's "conservative" look on NYE (Image: Facebook)
09:04 GMT

While the majority of Egypt might think the hijab the standard of conservative clothing, for belly dancing Shafinar, wearing shorts underneath a sheer dress was meeting the bar.

Tamer Hosny shakes on it (Image: Facebook)
08:47 GMT

In a big career move, Egyptian superstar has signed a contract to join up with production company "Rotana".