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December 23, 2013

Tunisian "Nidaa Tounes" party general secretary Taieb Baccouche arrives for a meeting as part of the dialogue between ruling Islamists and the opposition aimed at ending a two-month political crisis. [AFP]
17:51 GMT

After months of disagreement, Islamist rulers and opposition partied reached an agreement to finalize handover of government to a caretaker entity.

Iran's Rouhani expected to search for new relationship with US diplomats. [us-iran]
17:05 GMT

In what has been an avoided issue since Rouhani took office, The Iranian President has now stated explicitly to a German newspaper that his focus is to improve relations with the US.

Other TV channels have been targeted by bombers in the past, such as Al Arabiya headquarters in 2010 (File Archive/AFP)
14:03 GMT

Militants attacked an Iraqi television station north of Baghdad Monday.

Hezbollah fighters ambushed members of Syria's Nusra Front this weekend (File Archive/AFP)
13:53 GMT

Hezbollah ambushed Syrian Nusra fighters this weekend in east Lebanon, killing at least 32 according to reports Monday.

Protestors marched earlier this year in solidarity with Issawi who was on hunger strike for 266 days (File Archive/AFP)
13:32 GMT

Famous Palestinian hunger striker Same Al Issawi is set to be free from Israeli jails today.

Police stationed in Sinai have increasingly come under attack by militants since the oust of Morsi in July (File Archive/AFP)
12:45 GMT

A militant Islamist group in Egypt's Sinai issued a warning to the country's military and policy Monday telling troops to "desert their ranks or face death at the hands of its fighters.

Prime Minister Sheikh Jaber Mubarak Al Sabah told reporters last week that a "major cabinet reshuffle is imminent" (Courtesy of Naharnet)
12:32 GMT

All Kuwaiti ministers submitted letters of resignation from their post to the Prime Minister Monday.

Officials held a funeral procession on Sunday for Mohammed Al Karoui, one of the soldiers who was killed in the Anbar operation Saturday (STR/AFP)
10:59 GMT

Four officers and two soldiers were killed west of Baghdad Monday after mortar rounds hit an Iraqi army base.

Mortar shells have been used throughout the Syrian civil war by both regime and rebels, causing major destruction to towns and cities both in Syria and the country's borderlands (File Archive/AFP)
10:46 GMT

Mortar fire from Syria struck the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights Monday.

A Danish and a Norwegian vessel will transport the chemical weapons from Latakia to a U.S. vessel for final destruction (File Archive//AFP)
10:37 GMT

Russia has sent an additional 25 armored trucks and 50 other vehicles to Syria Monday to help Damascus transport its chemical weapons out of the country for destruction.

Sana'a international airport is one of three airports that will be shut down until the strike ends (Courtesy of the Yemen Press)
09:56 GMT

Yemen's international airports will remain shutdown until civil aviation authority workers end their strike in protest with a dispute with the country's Finance Ministry.

Monday's rocket follows Sunday's bomb attack on a bus in central Israel (Jack Guez/AFP)
09:07 GMT

Israeli military officials said Monday that a rocket was fired from the Gaza Strip on a southern Israeli village.

Saudi Arabia's intervention in Bahrain to suppress the Shiite majority opposition uprising in 2011 sparked other protests in KSA's Eastern Province in response (File Archive)
08:54 GMT

A Saudi Arabian Shiite citizen of the overwhelmingly Sunni kingdom was sentenced for 30 years for acts of violence and protest over Riyadh's decision to aid Bahrain in suppressing its opposition risings in 2011.

The Arab Ministers had planned to attend the Christmas Eve midnight mass at the Church of the Nativity (Musa Al Shaer/AFP)
08:14 GMT

Israel refused visas for five Arab ministers planning to come to Palestine for the Christmas holidays.

Up to 240 Britons are believed to be in Syria (Shutterstock)
08:02 GMT

Fighters in Syria that hold British citizenship were stripped of their UK nationality this week due to their engagement in the 33-month old civil war.