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April 24, 2014

Maan is experiencing an increase in civil unrest as citizens continue to clash with police forces. (AFP/File)
08:43 GMT

One man died after riots broke out in Maan earlier this week.

Regime fighters captured Yabroud, one of the last major rebel strongholds in Qalamoun, last month (File Archive/AFP)
07:16 GMT

Over 100 former rebel fighters have returned to the Syrian regime after they turned over their weapons and promised not to go back to anti-regime activities.

Abbas said that that overcoming the division between the rival Palestinian political parties will help the Palestinian negotiators reach the two-state solution, and he stressed that the move had both Arab and international support. (AFP/File)
07:01 GMT

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas said on Wednesday that the recently announced national reconciliation agreement between the Fatah-led PLO and Hamas would contribute to negotiations with Israel and achieving a two-state solution.

There have been conflicting accounts of the alleged chlorine attack on Kafr Zeita, with the government and the opposition trading blame. (AFP/File)
06:42 GMT

Members of the U.N. Security Council called Wednesday for an investigation into new claims of a chlorine gas attack on a rebel bastion in Syria, expressing concern over the reports.

Sectarian violence has been on the rise over the past 18 months, with more than 2,750 being killed in 2014 alone. Here,  a boy walks in the wreckage of a car bomb in Baghdad. (AFP/File)
05:00 GMT

The attack took place in Baybukh, a small village north of Mosul, and targeted members of the Shabak minority, Agence France Presse reported.

April 23, 2014

The court found the defendants guilty of organizing street protests and provoking violence. Here, Brotherhood supporters are seen in Cairo in August 2013. (AFP/File)
20:05 GMT

An Egyptian court has sentenced 19 anti-government protesters to ten years in prison each, judicial sources say.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu canceled upcoming peace talks over the news that Hamas and the PLO were reconciling. (AFP/File)
19:04 GMT

Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu cancelled a planned session of peace talks with Palestinian negotiators on Wednesday after news of a unity deal between the Palestine Liberation Organization and Hamas was announced.

Blood and carnage: The aftermath of an Israeli airstrike in Gaza (File/AFP)
18:57 GMT

Seven people were injured when an airstrike hit Beit Lahiya in the northern Gaza Strip on Wednesday.

Wanted fugitive Mohammed Abdullah Jumaa was attacked by masked gunmen in the Palestinian refugee camp Ain al-Hilweh, but managed to escape (File/AFP)
17:21 GMT

A wanted Palestinian member of Abdullah Azzam Brigades, an Al Qaeda affiliated group, narrowly escaped assassination in a refugee camp near Sidon on Wednesday.

Defusing the tension: Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Bahrain had withdrawn their ambassadors from Qatar during the dispute (File/AFP)
16:55 GMT

Qatar's foreign minister said in a statement on Wednesday that his country's disagreement with fellow GCC nations was "over".

Construction takes place in the illegal Israeli settlement Har Homa, in East Jerusalem (Menahem Kahana/AFP)
15:23 GMT

An anonymous Israeli official has said that building settlements in Jerusalem will not be halted unless "an agreement is reached on other issues."

Turkey's Erdogan released his statement in solidarity with the Armenian people on the eve of the anniversary of the 1915 mass deportations of Armenians from present-day Turkey (Adem Altan/AFP)
13:56 GMT

Turkey's Prime Minister offered condolences to descendants of the victims from the Armenian genocide during World War I, representing the first such overt comment ever publicly stated by a Turkish leader in reference to the killings.

Jarba has requested that Saudi Arabia provide more support to the rebel Free Syrian Army in their fight against the Assad regime, as well as ISIL (File Archive/AFP)
13:37 GMT

Syria's main opposition coalition has requested more aid and support from Saudi Arabia for the rebel Free Syrian Army.

Elections will take place June 3 despite heavy ongoing fighting within the country. (AFP/File)
12:06 GMT

Maher Abdel Hafiz Hajjar announced Wednesday that he will run against President Bashar Assad in the upcoming presidential elections.

Netanyahu and Israel rejected Abbas' conditions for extending the peace talks earlier this week (File Archive/AFP)
11:45 GMT

Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Wednesday that Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas must choose whether he wants peace with Israel or Hamas "because he cannot have both."