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May 28, 2014

Palestinian worshippers were pepper sprayed and tear gassed as they protested against far-right Israelis entering the Al Aqsa compound (File/AFP)
19:00 GMT

At least four Palestinians were injured by Israeli forces Wednesday when right-wing Jews entered the Al Aqsa compound to commemorate the taking of East Jerusalem in 1967.

Pro-Assad supporters took to the streets of Beirut on Wednesday (File/AFP)
16:21 GMT

Pro-Assad voters stopped traffic in the streets of Beirut Wednesday amid a chaotic and disorganised day at the Syrian embassy.

Located in the heart of the Negev desert, Al-Araqib village has been demolished over 60 times by Israeli authorities (Image: Amnesty International)
15:25 GMT

Israeli authorities have issued eviction orders to dead people buried in the Bedouin village of Al-Araqib's cemetery. The village has reportedly been demolished 63 times.

Four missiles were fired into Arsal town, Bekaa Valley, on Wednesday (File/AFP)
14:38 GMT

Tensions are rising in the Lebanon-Syria border as Syrian fighter jets fired missiles into Bekaa Valley, where it is widely believed rebels are supported.

Britain has been criticized for its costly role in Iraq and Afghanistan during times of economic hardship (File/AFP)
13:56 GMT

British wars in Iraq and Afghanistan cost over $50 billion, according to a prominent defence think-tank.

Bahrain rejected 42 claims of human rights violations and violence outlined in the U.S. report (File/AFP)
13:16 GMT

Bahrain's interior ministry denied wrongdoing after a report on violence and human rights in the country was released by the U.S. State Department.

According to the Syrian Police Command in Damascus, one woman was killed and 13 others including three children were injured (File/AFP)
11:30 GMT

Militants in Damascus killed a woman and injured 13 other people in mortar attacks across residential areas, according to the Syrian Police Command.

Obama announced this week that the U.S. plans to have all troops out of Afghanistan by 2016 (Brendan Smialowski/AFP)
10:39 GMT

U.S. President Barack Obama revealed plans this week that indicate that Washington will reduce the number of troops on the ground in Afghanistan by year's end.

President Michel Suleiman's six-year term ended on Sunday. His predecessor is yet to be elected, causing a power vaccum and insecurity in Lebanon. (AFP/File)
10:26 GMT

Interior Minister Nouhad al-Mashnouq has said that a security plan for Beirut is expected to witness light in June as another cabinet minister stressed that no party wants to create chaos.

President Bashar al Assad is running for reelection despite the ongoing civil war in Syria. (AFP/File)
10:17 GMT

Syrian expats are heading to the polls in various countries to vote in Syria's presidential elections.

Lebanon's southern border has continuously witnessed violations carried out by Israel. (AFP/File)
09:58 GMT

An Israeli infantry unit violated the southern Lebanese border on Wednesday near al-Ghajjar village.

The home of Tunisia's Interior Minister Lofti Ben Jeddou was attacked by two assailants this week (File Archive/AFP)
08:09 GMT

At least four Tunisian officers were killed in what has been called a "terrorist attack" on the home of the country's Interior Minister.

Libya's government is struggling to control multiple violent militias. (AFP/File)
07:49 GMT

Due to growing instability in Libya, the U.S. State Department has issued a warning urging Americans in Libya to leave as soon as possible.

One of Syria's main opposition leaders Ahmad Jarba met with senior officials in Washington earlier this month in an appeal for more support for his country's rebel forces (File Archive/AFP)
07:31 GMT

U.S. President Barack Obama is planning to authorize the country's armed forces to train selected groups of Syrian rebels.

Egypt's presidential elections were extended another day due to low voter turnout. (AFP/File)
07:20 GMT

Hamdeen Sabahi's campaign filed a complaint over the election extension, with Sisi's campaign quickly following suit.