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April 28, 2014

The Lebanese army was deployed to Tripoli en masse earlier this year in order to restore order due to increasing tensions and clashes, particularly between the Jabal Mohsen and Bab Al Tabbaneh neighborhoods (File Archive/AFP)
10:50 GMT

A Lebanese judge has requested the death penalty for 32 suspects who have been allegedly involved in arm clashes in the northern city of Tripoli.

Police previously killed hundred of Muslim Brotherhood members in clashes in Cairo in August 2013 (File Archive/AFP)
09:41 GMT

The Egyptian court that previously sentenced 529 Muslim Brotherhood members to death has sentenced an additional 682 Islamists to similar fates Monday, including Brotherhood leader Mohamed Badie.

Security forces queue to cast their ballots in Baghdad (Haider Hamdani/AFP)
08:30 GMT

Iraq's armed forces and related security authorities cast their ballots throughout the country Monday two days ahead of Wednesday's parliamentary polls.

Abbas and the PLO submitted the UN bids in response to Israel's failure to release the fourth group of prisoners as outlined under the peace talks deal in July 2013 (File Archive/AFP)
07:30 GMT

The PLO outlined a plan this weekend to follow up on attempts to join 60 UN bodies and international agreements.

Southern Yemenis gathered in both the city of Mukalla as well as Aden Sunday for pro-independence rallies (AFP)
07:22 GMT

Thousands of Yemenis gathered in the city of Mukalla Sunday demanding statehood for the formerly independent southern Yemen.

Regime air strikes have pounded and destroyed Syria's second largest city (File Archive/AFP)
07:09 GMT

Air attacks continued on Aleppo Sunday, leaving at least 21 dead and dozens of others wounded.

Abbas and Netanyahu met earlier this year in an alleged effort to salvage the crumbling peace process between the Israeli and Palestinian negotiation teams (File Archive/AFP)
06:59 GMT

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu described Abbas' holocaust commentary from Sunday as a "public relations stunt aimed at placating the international community."

Egyptian courts have sentenced hundreds of Morsi supporters to prison in recent months (photo courtesy:
04:00 GMT

The court's verdict comes a month after over 500 Morsi supporters were sentenced to death.

April 27, 2014

Israeli-Palestinian negotiations have broken down over the last month as both sides have failed to agree to a renewal of talks (
19:11 GMT

Abbas' statement comes as Israel marks Holocaust Remembrance Day throughout the country.

Afghanistan recently held the first round of presidential elections in order to replace outgoing President Hamid Karzai (photo courtesy:
18:12 GMT

The Taliban insists they were responsible for the attack, but others believe the helicopter went down due to technical difficulties.

Israeli-Palestinian negotiations have broken down over the last month as both sides have failed to agree to a renewal of talks (photo courtesy:
17:53 GMT

Economy Minister Naftali Bennett said that Israel should apply Israeli law to Area C in response to Abbas' agreement with Hamas.

Bahrain was engulfed in mass protests in 2011 (photo courtesy:
17:27 GMT

The defendants were accused of killing a policeman.

Kurdish members of the PKK have previously abducted Turkish soldiers (AFP)
14:18 GMT

Two Turkish soldiers were kidnapped by an armed Kurdish group in the southeast region of the country.

Hamas supporters rally in Jerusalem earlier this year (File Archive/AFP)
13:42 GMT

A media adviser to Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh emphasized Sunday that Hamas cannot recognize Israel despite recent reports that suggest the Palestinian faction was considering recognizing the Jewish state.

It is not yet clear how the government plans to coordinate the election nationwide under the present civil war conditions that have killed at least 150,000 and forced at least half of the country's population to flee their homes (Fadi Al Halabi/AFP)
13:32 GMT

Four more candidates are now running in Syria's June 3 presidential election against incumbent leader President Bashar Al Assad.