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March 14, 2014

The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) is made up of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Oman. Saudi Arabia has long opposed the Muslim Brotherhood for fear that the group could challenge the monarchy. Qatar's continued support for the Muslim Brotherhood in the region continues to inflame tensions within the GCC (photo courtesy:
16:34 GMT

At a recent Gulf Cooperation Council meeting, Saudi Arabia demanded Qatar to shut down several organizations, including Al-Jazeera

A view of the Egyptian embassy located in Tripoli, Libya (photo courtesy:
14:04 GMT

A new spate of kidnappings takes place in Libya, with 70 Egyptians abducted

Iran and the major powers hope to agree upon a deal over the country's nuclear activities by July. (AFP/File)
12:45 GMT

US Secretary of State John Kerry explained on Thursday that sanctions against Iran are still in place and are being enforced

Syria's Foreign Minister Walid al-Muallem was the head of the Syrian delegation for the Geneva 2 conference  (photo courtesy:
08:58 GMT

Syria's Foreign Minister Walid al-Muallem has reportedly been hospitalized in Lebanon for pressing medical checks

Syria has faced criticism in recent months for stalling on its obligation under a US-Russia brokered deal to remove all its chemical weapons. (photo courtesy:
08:36 GMT

Russia says there is no need for a new timeline as chemical weapons will be out of Syria by April 13

More than 140,000 people have died since the Syrian conflict erupted in March 2011 (photo courtesy:
06:00 GMT

Sunni Islamist rebels claimed responsibility for kidnapping 94 people belonging to the minority Alawite sect

March 13, 2014

More than 140,000 people have died since the conflict began in March 2011 (photo courtesy:
19:32 GMT

Rebel fighters fear losing grip on 'the capital of the revolution'

Militant groups in the Sinai have increasingly staged attacks against the Egyptian military since the removal of former President Mohamed Morsi (photo courtesy:
19:21 GMT

One officer died and three others were injured in a surprise attack on an Egyptian army bus

Erdogan's statement threatens to further embroil the prime minister into a conflict with a growing number of demonstrators as the country nears local elections scheduled for March 30th. (photo courtesy:
19:01 GMT

Turkish PM comes out against protestors after tens of thousands march to mourn the death of a 15 year old boy

In March 2012 the Syria held a referendum on a new constitution that allowed for multiple presidential candidates and a multi-party system. Members of the opposition dismissed the referendum at the time as a hollow attempt at reform. (photo courtesy:
16:27 GMT

A new bill passed by Syria's parliament paves the way for possible contenders to the presidency other than current President Bashar al-Assad.

Army chief Field Marshal Abdul Fattah al Sisi is expected to run in Egypt's upcoming presidential elections. (AFP/File)
14:47 GMT

Sami Anan, the former chief of army staff who recently survived an assassination attempt, announced he will not run for president. Many see this as a move to clear the way for Abdul Fattah al Sisi in the upcoming presidential elections.

Rouhani expressed his "extension of friendship" during his meetings in Muscat this week (File Archive/AFP)
13:57 GMT

Iran's President Hassan Rouhani said that Tehran "extends a hand of friendship and brotherhood to all regional countries...particularly to the Gulf" during his meeting in Oman this week.

A Palestinian boy rides a donkey cart in Beit Hanun, northern Gaza Strip, on March 13, 2014. (AFP)
13:54 GMT

A senior Islamic Jihad official said Thursday that Egypt had managed to reactivate a ceasefire between Israel and Palestinian factions in the Gaza Strip.

President Obama says the Iranian government continues to pose serious threats to U.S. national security. (AFP/File)
13:11 GMT

U.S. President Barack Obama renewed sanctions against Iran this week via the National Emergency Act.

After the fall of Gaddafi in 2011, Libya's security deteriorated. (AFP/File)
11:22 GMT

A new U.N. report highlights Libya's contribution to conflicts abroad.