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February 6, 2014

Ali Akbar Salehi used to be Iran's Foreign Minister. (AFP/File)
08:57 GMT

A senior Iranian official has reiterated Tehran’s desire to improve ties with its neighbor Saudi Arabia, calling for serious efforts by both sides to that end.

Sisi's run for the top leadership position in Egypt has also raised fears among the public that the country will return to a Mubarak-like era rather than build a civilian democracy (File Archive/AFP)
07:48 GMT

Egypt' Army Chief Abdel Fattal El Sisi confirmed Thursday that he will run for president in a Kuwaiti newspaper.

Barrel bombs are typically made from a barrel that has been filled with High Explosives, with possibly shrapnel and/or oil, and then dropped from a helicopter. Due to the large amount of explosives that can be packed into a barrel the resulting detonation can be devastating, Wikipedia's definition for barrel bomb says. (AFP)
07:47 GMT

Pro-Syrian opposition media site Halab News said that since the regime started barrel bombing the northern city of Aleppo, more than 1,500 families had tried to flee to rebel held areas across Syria and that a "refugee crisis" was taking place.

Syria's Aleppo has been the target of regime barrel bomb attacks and airstrikes since December 2013 (File Archive/AFP)
07:03 GMT

Syrian opposition leader told reporters Wednesday that rebels would soon receive advanced weapons in their fight against fringe Islamist extremist groups like ISIL. U.S. Secretary of State also admitted Wednesday that Syrian President Bashar Al Assad's regime is making gains against the opposition.

U.S. Secretary of State has been "attacked with real bullets", so the barbed words of Israeli officials won't intimidate him, according to his spokeswoman. (AFP)
07:01 GMT

After being slammed by Israeli officials for his comments regarding a potential boom in the global movement boycotting Israel, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said he would not be intimidated by words.

Lebanese emergency personnel inspect the wreckage of a minibus at the site of an explosion on February 3, 2014 in Shoueifat, south of the capital Beirut. [AFP]
05:56 GMT

A home being used as an arms cache was raided in Aydamoun exposing mortars, rockets and guns.

A Yemeni soldier inspects a damaged car at the site of an explosion in Sanaa. [AFP]
05:37 GMT

After ceasefire between Suuni and Shiite locals broke down, Houthi rebels advanced on the capital of Sanaa.

President Michel Sleiman receives Prime Minister designate Tammam Salam in Baabda on Wednesday. [DalatiNohra]
05:28 GMT

Expected to end next week, deliberations on forming Lebanon's new government are taking longer than citizens thought.

 Libyan youths stand next to blood stains and torn shoes at the scene of a blast that rocked a primary school in Libya's restive second city Benghazi during playtime. [AFP]
05:08 GMT

Another explosion shakes Libya, this time at a Libyan television channel in Eastern Benghazi.

February 5, 2014

Assad has said he will not step down from his role as president of Syria, which is proving to be stumbling block in the Geneva peace talks. (AFP/File)
20:10 GMT

European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso said a peace conference in Geneva is the "only vehicle left" to engage Syrian leaders on political transition.

Mubarak was ousted from his presidency in 2011. (AFP/File)
19:58 GMT

Former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak was "brought to tears" after seeing the extent of the "corruption and devastation" that the Muslim Brotherhood wrought on Egypt.

Human Rights Watch said Wednesday that Al Qaeda's killing of Iraqi forces is "abhorrent" and the "latest in a long list of ISIS atrocities". (AFP/File)
17:22 GMT

Human Rights Watch said Wednesday that Al Qaeda's killing of Iraqi forces is "abhorrent" and the "latest in a long list of ISIS atrocities".

Fighters from Chechnya have boosted the rebel ranks with 14,000, the report said. (AFP/File)
17:12 GMT

Recent reports say that thousands of fighters from Chechnya and Saudi Arabia are battling against the government of President Bashar al-Assad in Syria.

A young boy stands next to a puddle of waste, a result of the power shortage in the Gaza Strip, in November. (AFP/File)
17:05 GMT

A former US marine has accused Israel of treating the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip as sub-humans and regarding them as animals.

According to Egypt, their differences with Qatar are "out of the ordinary" - largely due to the latter's support of the Muslim Brotherhood. (AFP/File)
16:52 GMT

Egyptian Prime Minister Hazem El Beblawi warned Qatar over its "unfair and dishonest" support of the Muslim Brotherhood, as the Gulf state hosts dozens of fugitive Muslim Brotherhood members and critics of the current military-backed interim government.