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December 18, 2013

UN-OPCW inspectors who previously visited sites of chemical weapon attacks in Syria said the country's government is not yet ready to move the chemical stockpiles to Latakia (File Archive/AFP)
05:51 GMT

The UN chemical watchdog overseeing the destruction of Syria's chemical weapons stockpile successfully finalized and approved the details of the plan Tuesday. More information will follow Wednesday.

Syria's Nusra Front was one of the two groups that claimed responsibility for Tuesday's attack (File Archive/AFP)
05:33 GMT

Syria's Nusra Front and the Marwan Hadid Brigades claimed responsibility Tuesday for attacks in Lebanon's northeastern city of Hermel as a message to Hezbollah to leave the war in Syria.

Egypt's Al Sisi originally said that he would not seek the presidency, but in recent weeks has reversed his stance (File Archive/AFP)
05:23 GMT

Egypt's constitutional committee said Tuesday that it will "urge" Egypt's military chief to run for president.

More than 40 were killed in Baghdad Monday, many of whom were on their way to the Shiite holy city of Karbala. [aim]
01:40 GMT

At least eight Shia Pilgrims are dead after attacks that included a bombing in the Baghdad province

A supporter of deposed Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi is seen beaten by pro-government and army supporters during clashes. [AFP]
01:26 GMT

Students attempting to march to a sit-in were stopped by police who used tear gas and hoses.

December 17, 2013

Saudi numbers for 2013 beheading are tied with 2012 figures. [ytimg]
17:06 GMT

Syrian drug trafficker beheading in Saudi brings beheading death count to 76, the same amount from 2012.

King Abdullah of Jordan loading a box containing ready meals onto a helicopter during his visit to the Northern Command in Ajloun, as he follows up on the national effort to deliver services and goods to citizens caught in the snow storms through out the kingdom. [AFP]
16:26 GMT

After the worst winter storm in over 100 years, King Abdullah visits Baqaa refugee camp to ensure supplies and shelter are available.

UN envoy Lakhdar Brahimi has been one of the main organizers of the proposed Geneva II talks (File Archive/AFP)
12:13 GMT

The tentative Geneva II peace conference to end the conflict in Syria will now take place in the Swiss town of Montreaux due to hotel space shortages in Geneva. With conference logistics underway, Syrian regime forces still continued air raids on Aleppo's rebel-held neighborhoods for a third straight day, leaving at least 13 people dead.

Car bombs in Cairo's Nasr City previously targeted the Interior Minister Mohammed Ibrahim earlier this year (Courtesy of the Daily Mail/European Pressphoto Agency)
11:42 GMT

A bomb exploded near a school in Cairo and fires erupted in an electric company in Alexandria Tuesday.

Tunisians' "Day of Rage" protest echoed similar calls for political and economic reforms from Tunisia's Arab Spring demonstrations in 2011 (File Archive/AFP)
10:22 GMT

In honor of the third anniversary of the start of the Arab Spring, Tunisians gathered for a "day of rage" at the birthplace of the region's revolutions.

The Saudi Prince's comments came during an interview at the World Policy Conference in Monaco (Valery Hache/AFP)
09:46 GMT

Saudi Prince Turki al-Faisal denunced US policy in the Middle East Tuesday, and said that his country and other Gulf states were "astonished" by secret American-Iranian dealings.

OPCW received the Nobel Peace Prize this year for its work on the Syrian chemical weapon disarmament case (File Archive)
09:27 GMT

The UN chemical watchdog is scheduled to meet Tuesday to approve the final plan for the destruction of Syria's chemical weapon stockpile.

EU officials also "deplored" Israel's settlement building in their statement, saying that such activity undermines the success of the peace deal (File Archive/AFP)
08:58 GMT

The European announced Monday that it is ready to provide "unprecedented" levels of support to Israel and Palestine if both parties manage to finalize a peace deal during the current negotiations.

Libyans took to the streets in Tripoli this week in protest of months-long blockades of oil terminals (Mahmud Turkia/AFP)
07:33 GMT

Libya has decided to block the UN plan that would send 200 more soldiers to guard UN staff members, diplomats and officials operating inside the north African country.

More Israeli soldiers were deployed to the border area after a Lebanese sniper shot an Israeli soldier this week (JAck Guez/AFP)
06:03 GMT

Lebanon and the U.N.'s Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) told reporters Monday evening that the Lebanese soldier who shot and killed an Israeli solder on the border acted alone.