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February 23, 2014

In June, the U.S. announced that it was sending Patriot missiles and F-16 fighter jets to Jordan. Will troops and more arms be next? (AFP/File)
10:27 GMT

The U.S. intends to build up its military presence in Jordan in an attempt to exert more control over the current situations in Syria and Lebanon, a political analyst has claimed.

All sides involved in the Vienna nuclear talks have hailed the negotiations as constructive. (AFP)
09:45 GMT

A senior Iranian nuclear negotiator says the next round of the expert-level talks between the representatives of Iran and six world powers will be held in Vienna next week.

Turkish territory has also been targeted several times in the history of the Syrian crisis - in May 2013, 51 people were killed in Reyhanli after a Syrian suicide bomber detonated himself in the Turkish town. (AFP/File)
09:05 GMT

Dozens of people were injured after a car bomb exploded near a field hospital in the Syrian town of Atmeh, near the Turkish border, witnesses reported on Sunday.

A Palestinian patrols the streets of Ein Al Hilweh refugee camp near Sidon in southern Lebanon. (Image courtesy of Ghaith Abdul-Ahad/The Telegraph/File)
08:49 GMT

A Lebanon-based Fatah official said Saturday that Fatah and the PLO have lost all control of Palestinian camps in Lebanon, warning that this could have a "negative impact" on Lebanon's stability.

Abbas said that even though their intentions are good, the Americans involved in the peace talks have failed to put their ideas into a suitable framework. (AFP/File)
08:10 GMT

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has said that the efforts made by U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry to secure a framework for the peace talks between Palestine and Israel have failed so far.

A man walks in front of the Tunisian consulate where a rocket-propelled grenade left a sizable crater Saturday. Tunisia is one of the last countries with a diplomatic mission in Benghazi.
07:28 GMT

A police car sitting in front of the Tunisian consulate was hit by a rocket-propelled grenade on Saturday. There were no casualties.

Abdelaziz Bouteflika has ruled Algeria since 1999 and is seeking to be reelected. (AFP/File)
06:55 GMT

Algerian President Abdelaziz Bouteflika will run for a fourth term in an election in April, a government source said Saturday. Bouteflika suffered a stroke last year.

Morsi called on the Egyptian people to continue their revolutionary efforts, as he told the court that he is still the legitimate president of Egypt. (AFP/File)
06:44 GMT

After opening on Saturday, the trial of Mohamed Morsi over jailbreak charges in the Cairo Criminal Court has been adjourned until Monday.

A Lebanese soldier stands near a burnt out vehicle at the site of a bomb explosion that targeted an army post on February 22, 2014 in eastern Lebanon's town of Hermel. (AFP)
06:33 GMT

Jihadist group Al Nusra front have claimed responsibility for Saturday's deadly attack on an army checkpoint in Lebanon's Hermel that killed two soldiers.

February 22, 2014

Saturday's suicide attack is the second in Lebanon this week and the third suicide attack this year. Lebanon is facing increased violence as the Syrian civil war spills over into the country. (AFP/File)
18:45 GMT

A suicide bomber targeted a Lebanese army post killing three soldiers and wounding 6 others.

The U.N. and other humanitarian organizations have found it increasingly difficult to provide sufficient aid to Syrians in need. Recently, humanitarian access has been difficult to achieve as civilians have been caught besieged in cities with only few opportunities available to bring in aid. (AFP/File)
18:24 GMT

The U.N. Security Council approved a resolution to increase humanitarian aid access in Syria as continued violence threatens to destabilize the region.

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry has been shuttling between Israeli and Palestinian leaders in hopes of securing a framework proposal. Both Israeli and Palestinian officials have spoken out against certain aspects of the yet to be released proposal. Israeli-Palestinian talks are scheduled to end in April at the conclusion of the nine-month deadline, though Kerry seeks to extend negotiations with a framework proposal.(AFP/File)
12:55 GMT

Palestinians are not willing to accept U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry's framework proposal in its current form.

Despite talks in Geneva, fighting in Syria has intensified with the Syrian army stepping up its use of barrel bombs. January marked the deadliest month of the conflict yet, with almost 6,000 killed. More than 136,000 people have died since the conflict began in March 2011. (AFP/File)
08:53 GMT

The Syrian air force stepped up attacks on Friday as opposition fighters readied an offensive.

Since the start of the Syrian civil war, Hezbollah has involved itself increasingly in keeping Syrian President Bashar al-Assad afloat. The current strategy to recruit fighters from Eastern Europe follows Hezbollah's public support for the Assad regime, along with sending its own fighters to assist Assad's forces. (AFP/File)
06:00 GMT

Hezbollah has been recruiting mercenaries from Eastern Europe to shore up Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's forces in Syria.

February 21, 2014

Al-Shabab, formed in 2006, has terrorized Somalia and surrounding countries with brutal attacks. The group merged with al-Qaeda in 2012. (AFP/File)
15:46 GMT

Al-Shabab attacked President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud's palace in Mogadishu on Friday.