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March 4, 2014

Pro-Morsi rallies rocked Egypt's Al Azhar for the past months since the former Islamist leader's oust in July 2013 (File Archive/AFP)
18:54 GMT

Egypt's prosecution released 24 pro-Morsi supporters Tuesday over issues related to the detainess' education and health issues.

Three policemen were killed while trying to dismantle a funeral procession for a 23-year-old Shiite man who died in prison under Bahraini authorities (Mohammed Al Shaikh/AFP)
18:14 GMT

Bahrain's state news agency reported Tuesday that three anti-government groups have been blacklisted as terrorist groups.

Netanyahu said the Israel boycott campaign is a "farce" during his speech in front of a pro-Israel audience in Washington Tuesday (Nicholas Kamm/AFP)
17:29 GMT

Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told lobbyists in Washington Tuesday that Palestinians should recognize Israel as a Jewish state and for Palestinian leadership to "abandon fantasies" related to right of return.

Abbas' comments on a potential settlement freeze coincide with U.S. president Barack Obama's tense meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Washington (File Archive/AFP)
16:12 GMT

Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas has allegedly said that peace negotiations with Israel will not extend past the April deadline unless more Palestinian prisoners are released and settlement construction is suspended.

Syrian rockets have often landed in Lebanese border territories (Courtesy of Press TV)
15:52 GMT

Three rockets from Syria's ongoing civil war hit Lebanon's Bekaa Tuesday causing damage to many homes, but no casualties have yet been reported.

Israeli settlements in the West Bank are highly controversial and threaten to derail the peace process. (AFP/File)
14:52 GMT

A new report shows that Israeli construction of settlements in the West Bank doubled last year.

Is this Egypt's next president? (AFP)
14:13 GMT

Egyptian army chief Field Marshal Abdel-Fattah Al Sisi has given another large hint that he will stand for president in upcoming elections. “I cannot turn my back when the majority wants me to run for president,” Al Sisi said in a speech at an officers' graduation ceremony on Tuesday.

CodePink is known for protesting on behalf of Palestinians. (AFP/File)
13:55 GMT

The founder of social justice organization CodePink was detained in Egypt and then deported.

OPCW head Ahmet Uzumcu told reporters that maintaining momentum for the weapons removal is critical given the delays and missed deadlines in months prior (Bas Czerwinski/ANP/AFP)
13:10 GMT

More than a third of Syria's chemical arsenal has been destroyed or handed over for tentative destruction.

The U.S. has stated that all options are on the table when dealing with Iran's nuclear program. (AFP/File)
12:00 GMT

Mohammad Reza Bahonar, First Vice Speaker of Iran's Majlis, reiterated that Iran is fully capable of countering a U.S. military option.

Will he or won't he? The Egyptian media has gone into overdrive over whether or not Sisi will run to be the next president. (AFP/File)
11:40 GMT

Egyptian media is rife with speculation that army chief Field Marshal Abdel Fattah al-Sisi is to announce his candidacy in the upcoming presidential elections on Tuesday.

A senior Hamas official says the new ban serves Israel. (AFP/File)
11:04 GMT

A senior Hamas official responds to the new ban in Egypt.

Egypt's relationship with Hamas has deteriorated since the fall of Mohamed Morsi. (AFP/File)
10:03 GMT

The Cairo Court for Urgent Matters has banned all Hamas activities in Egypt.

Reports of immigrant abuse are widespread in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. (AFP/File)
09:41 GMT

A new report from Human Rights Watch says that Saudi Arabia has deported thousands to war-torn Somalia. Many immigrants say Saudi Arabia is inhospitable to foreign workers.

The gunmen are apparently dressed in Iraqi military uniforms. (AFP/File)
09:25 GMT

Gunmen dressed in military uniforms have stormed the city council and court house compound in northern Iraq, wounding nearly 25 people and taking several more hostage, according to officials.