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December 11, 2013

Razan Zeitouneh, who was kidnapped alongside three colleagues from Damascus. (Image courtesy of The Daily Star)
06:23 GMT

Key Syrian human rights lawyer and prominent opposition activist Razan Zeitouneh and three colleagues have been kidnapped near Damascus.

Members of the Free Syrian Army. [picnik]
06:14 GMT

Not to be confused with the FSA, a Syrian rebel group named the "Islamic Front" has seized Turkey border crossing that included Western-backed FSA components.

Amr Moussa, the chairman of the 50-member strong panel that drafted Egypt's constitution defended the controversial draft charter, saying it guarantees democracy and freedoms. (AFP/File)
05:55 GMT

Amr Moussa, the chairman of the 50-member strong panel that drafted Egypt's constitution defended the controversial draft charter, saying it guarantees democracy and freedoms.

Kerry expressed doubts about Iran's willingness to uphold the nuclear deal Tuesday in front of US lawmakers, but continued to urge Congress to lift sanctions nonetheless (File Archive/AFP)
05:53 GMT

Kerry expressed doubts on the nuclear deal with Iran in front of US lawmakers Tuesday, while an EU delegation finalized preparations for its historic trip to Tehran Friday.

Image from "Scheherazade in Baabda," a play performed by the women inmates of Baabda Prison, Lebanon. [Photograph courtesy of Dalia Khamissy/ Catharsis-LCDT]
04:32 GMT

Activists call for specific reform for new regulations that are women specific in Lebanon's prisons.

The families of Spanish reporters held in Syria by ISIS have come forward to the media. This photo was taken of the two reporters in 2012. [hdnux]
04:15 GMT

Families of two Spanish reporters held by ISIS in Syria come forward to the media after months of silence.

December 10, 2013

A blaze engulfs a car at the scene of an explosion in the Shiite Muslim Al-Amin district of Baghdad on December 8. [AFP]
19:31 GMT

The death toll in Iraq climbs to record highs after a suicide bomber killed 11 and wounded 20 people at a Shi'ite Muslim funeral.

Iraqi SWAT forces stand guard outside Camp Ashraf, home to exiled Iranian opposition members. [AFP]
18:27 GMT

UN looks to Iraq to guarantee safety of several Camp Ashraf residents who were abducted after an attack that killed over 50 people.

An Egyptian policeman tries to detain a student of Cairo University who support the Muslim Brotherhood during clashes with riot police in Cairo. [AFP]
18:15 GMT

Students protest the death of another student, Abdel Ghany Mohamed Hamoula, who was killed during clashes with security forces in November.

A handout picture released by the Iranian presidency shows the Islamic Republic's President Hassan Rouhani (R) delivering his speech to parliament/ [AFP]
18:06 GMT

Israeli President Shimon Peres offered to meet with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani. The offer was declined by Rouhani.

A police crackdown on an environmental protest led to nationwide protests against the government last June (File Archive/AFP)
12:58 GMT

Turkey has charged 255 protestors with various crimes linked with their involvement in demonstrations last June.

Israeli MPs from the Likud Party welcomed the passage of the new migrant law, saying that it will allow the Jewish state to "send them all back to their countries" (File Archive)
12:44 GMT

Israel's parliament voted in favor of a law that allows illegal African immigrants to be detained for up to a year without trial. The Jewish state is also set to open a new migrant detention facility this Thursday.

Beheaded convict put on public display in Saudi Arabia. [liveleak]
12:19 GMT

Figures from 2012 Saudi beheading total 76 cases with the 2013 figures increasing as the year ends.

This week's UNHCR airlift will be the first of its kind to Syria since the start of the war in 2011 (Courtesy of the UN)
12:12 GMT

The UN is planning to send its first humanitarian airlift to Syria via Iraq this week.

Uzumcu will receive the Nobel Peace Prize on the OPCW's behalf this week in Oslo (Daniel Sannum Lauten/AFP)
11:37 GMT

UN chemical watchdog head Ahmet Uzumcu told reporters Tuesday that the destruction of Syria's chemical weapons will likely begin in late January.