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November 28, 2013

Swedish foreign minister Carl Bildt [AFP]
08:52 GMT

In meeting with Majid Takhat Ravanchi Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs in Europe and US Affairs, Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt welcomed nuclear agreement between Iran and Group 5+1 in Geneva.

According to Al Joumhouria newspaper, Al Qaeda-affiliated militants are mobilising in the Ain El Hilweh refugee camp. (AFP/File)
07:19 GMT

There has been an unprecedented mobilisation of extremist Al Qaeda-affiliated militants in the Ain El Hilweh Palestinian refugee camp in Sidon, south of Lebanon, according to a newspaper report published Thursday.

The UN is sending in a special force in response to escalating clashes in Benghazi and in the capital of Tripoli in recent weeks (Esam Omran Al Fetori/Reuters)
07:17 GMT

The United Nations announced Wednesday that it plans to send a 235-member special force to Libya in order to provide protection in light of the recent rise in attacks throughout the country.

A U.N. official has denied that there are any problems arising in the reconciliation talks between the global organisation and the Yemeni delegates (AFP)
07:10 GMT

A U.N. official denied Wednesday that the Yemeni delegates had walked out of reconciliation talks, adding that both Sanaa and the U.N. are committed to bringing stability to the restive Gulf state.

Syrian opposition national coalition Ahmad Jarba told reporters "We are now ready to go to Geneva" (File Archive/AFP)
07:05 GMT

The Syrian opposition National Coalition announced late Wednesday that the group will attend the proposed Geneva II talks aimed to solve the Syrian conflict, rejecting Iran's participation in the talks and reaffirming their position that Assad cannot play any role in Syria's future.

The US has offered OPCW to help destroy Syria's chemical weapons in international waters. Seen here is the guided-missile cruiser USS Gettysburg, left, and the aircraft carrier USS Harry S Truman transiting the Strait of Gibraltar on August 3, 2013 on their way to the Mediterranean Sea. (AFP/File)
06:44 GMT

The Obama administration has offered to help destroy Syria's chemical weapons arsenal in international waters due to the difficulties faced by disposing of the weapons on any nation's soil.

The lawmakers said Israel keeps talking about the threat of nuclear weapons in the Middle East while it possesses hundreds of nuclear warheads itself. []
04:00 GMT

Several British MPs have urged Israel to come clean on its nuclear weapons program and called on the Tel Aviv regime to destroy its nuclear arsenal.

November 27, 2013

Tunisians protestors set fire to documents and belongings of the country's ruling Islamist Ennahda party's outside their headquarters in the central Tunisian town of Gafsa on November 27, 2013. [AFP]
16:02 GMT

Tunisian protesters have set fire to the office of the country’s ruling Ennahda Party in the central town of Qafsa.

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif  gives a joint press conference with his Turkish counterpart Ahmet Davutoglu on November 27, 2013. [Atta Kenare/AFP]
15:14 GMT

he foreign ministers of Turkey and Iran called on Wednesday for a ceasefire in Syria before proposed peace talks in Geneva scheduled for Jan. 22.

Syria has rejected the exclusion of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad from political transition in the country. [Getty Images/Sasha Mordovets]
15:00 GMT

Syria rejects barring Syrian President Bashar al-Assad from political transition in the country.

US Secretary of State John Kerry delivers a speech during a press conference at the CICG (Centre International de Conferences Geneve) after talks over Iran's nuclear programme in Geneva on November 24, 2013. [AFP/Alexander Klein]
14:22 GMT

US secretary of state delivers video message on interim Iran agreement to American legislators.

US Secretary of State John Kerry meets with Palestinian authority President Mahmoud Abbas in the West Bank city of Bethlehem on November 6, 2013. [AFP/Fadi Arouri]
14:02 GMT

Most Palestinians believe the renewal of peace talks with Israel was a mistake and over two thirds think the negotiations will fail, according to a poll released Wednesday.

Mourners carry the bodies of Palestinian militants Khaled al-Najjar  and Mussa Fanasheh during their funeral procession on November 27, 2013 in the West Bank village of Yatta, near Hebron. [AFP/Hazem Bader]
12:57 GMT

Israeli security forces killed three Palestinian militants late on November 26 after attempting to arrest them in the village of Yatta, the Shin Bet internal security service and army said.

Members of the al-Qaeda-linked al-Nusra Front in Syria. []
11:53 GMT

Hundreds of Turks have crossed the border into Syria to fight with Al-Qaeda linked jihadists against the Damascus regime, according to a Turkish interior ministry report.

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif addresses the parliament in Tehran on November 27, 2013. [Getty Images]
11:21 GMT

Iran’s Foreign Minister says the country’s enrichment activities at Natanz and Fordow facilities would continue, but at a range of 3.5 to 5 percent purity level, and that their capacities would not be expanded.