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December 31, 2013

A Yemen security official guards the court office of a tense trial of Al Qaeda fighters earlier this month (Mohammed Huwais/AFP)
08:03 GMT

At least three soldiers were killed in Yemen Tuesday from a suicide car bomb targeting security headquarters in the country's southern city of Aden.

An Iraqi troop stationed in Anbar to crackdown on Al Qaeda activity (File Archive/AFP)
07:49 GMT

At least 10 people were killed Monday in Iraq's Anbar province while government authorities "dismantled" the Sunni Arab protest camp that Iraqi President Nour Al Maliki had previously described as a headquarter for Al Qaeda.

Assad called for a battle against Saudi Wahhabism Sunday (File Archive/Getty Images)
07:25 GMT

The United Nations called on the Syrian army and rebel fighters to allow urgent aid to reach a sieged community of Palestinians near Damascus who are dying from starvations while Syrian president Bashar Al Assad called for a "battle" against Saudi ideology.

Bahrain's government often accuses its majority opposition movement for bomb attacks throughout the country (File Archive/AFP)
06:46 GMT

Bahrain foiled a plot Monday to smuggle explosives and weapons into the country by boat

A Syrian man cries carrying the body of a child killed by a barrel bomb. [gendynamics]
04:03 GMT

Assad claims views against extremism in Islam faith while continuing to engage in internal country conflict.

Freed Palestinian prisoners are greeted as they arrive at the Mukata Presidential Compound in the early hours on December 31, 2013 in Ramallah, West Bank. [AFP]
03:47 GMT

In the third of four planned released, Israel has let go of 26 more Palestinian detainees.

December 30, 2013

Security officials say Lebanese forces have fired on Syrian aircraft that violated the country’s airspace. [digitaljournal]
17:54 GMT

Lebanese forces have fired on Syrian aircraft after the warplanes crossed into Lebanese airspace.

Egypt’s ruling Muslim Brotherhood has been linked to attacks on and detention of journalists. [wikipedia]
17:24 GMT

The Committee to Protect Journalists released a report naming the three Middle East countries as having the most journalist deaths.

Relatives and friends carry the coffin of 16-year-old Lebanese Mohammad al-Chaar, who died in a bomb attack that killed former Lebanese finance minister Mohammad Chatah. [AFP]
16:52 GMT

Details of the bombing which caused the death of Lebanese economist and diplomat, Mohammed Chatah, are emerging post blast.

Egyptian authorities have particularly cracked down on pro-Morsi supporters in Sinai since the former president's oust in July (File Archive/AFP)
13:51 GMT

Egypt has called on the Arab League to enforce a counterterrorism treaty that bars the Muslim Brotherhood from receiving funding and support from third parties.

Five men, two who were tried in absentia, were found guilty for homemade bomb attacks from 2012 and have all been sentenced to 15 years in prison each (File Archive/AFP)
13:33 GMT

Bahrain has sentenced five men to 15 years in prison each for homemade bomb attacks in 2012, but activists say their confessions were given under torture.

Ansar Al Sharia groups are present in Libya, Tunisia, Morocco, Yemen as well as Egypt (Courtesy of International Business Times)
12:56 GMT

U.S. and Libyan forces captured the leader of Tunisia's Islamist militant group Ansar Al Shariah in Libya's city of Misrata Monday.

Universities have become "hubs of protests," particularly among pro-Morsi supporters calling for the oust of the current government (File Archive/AFP)
12:31 GMT

A Cairo court has banned all demonstrations on university campuses without a permit Monday.

Arsal has been the frequent target of Syrian warplanes over the past year (File Archive/AFP)
11:21 GMT

Syrian warplanes dropped four rockets near the Lebanese border town Arsal on Monday.

Yemeni soldiers were attacked Monday in the country's southern region (File Archive/AFP)
11:16 GMT

Eight people were killed in southern Yemen Monday during a militant attack on army personnel.