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September 27, 2013

Egypt’s Presidential Adviser has called on the Muslim Brotherhood to let go of “escalating rhetoric.” (Image credit: Getty)
15:24 GMT

In an interview with CNN, Egyptian presidential adviser Mostafa Hegazy called on the Muslim Brotherhood to join in "an Egypt for all Egyptians,"

A new report suggests that President Assad's chemical stockpile is largely unweaponized and can be eliminated in as little as nine months.  (Image credit: Getty)
08:48 GMT

A confidential report by the US and Russia suggests that Syria's chemical stockpile is largely "unweaponized" and can be eliminated quickly.

The Saudi religious police are feared for cracking down on a variety of "offences” including the wearing of Guy Fawkes masks and women driving cars (Image credit: AFP)
08:20 GMT

A young Saudi has been killed while being chased by religious police sparking anger in Saudi Arabia.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has urged the international community to put pressure on Israel to stop settlement activity. (Image credit: Getty)
07:47 GMT

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas called the current US brokered peace talks a "last chance" and insisted that the current peace deal must be "permanent."

Permanent members of the UN Security Council have agreed on a "binding and enforceable" draft on Syria's chemical weapons. (Image Credit: AFP)
06:30 GMT

Members of a deeply divided U.N. Security Council have overcome their differences to reach an agreement on a draft resolution on Syria.

US Secretary of State John Kerry and his Iranian counterpart Mohammad Javad Zarif have held historic talks at the UN on Thursday (Image Credit: AFP)
06:05 GMT

Top officials from the United States and Iran met in New York. These talks mark the highest level contacts between the two nations since the Iranian Revolution in 1979.

September 26, 2013

A once-convicted jihadist of Canadian origin has been killed in Syria. (Image for illustrative purposes - Credit: Getty)
18:06 GMT

A young man, once jailed for his involvement in a plot to attack Canada's Parliament, has been killed in Syria.

The United States has pledged to support Lebanon’s efforts to help address the Syrian refugee crisis (Image credit: AFP)
17:40 GMT

The United States will continue to provide support for Lebanon to address the growing challenges of the Syrian conflict as long as the country addresses the crises in a “responsible and practical way.”

Iranian President Hasan Rouhani spoke at a U.N. nuclear disarmament conference ahead of a historic meeting between Iran and major Western powers. (Image credit: AFP)
15:43 GMT

Iranian President Hasan Rouhani has called for Israel's alleged nuclear weapons to be put under international control.

A mortar shell hit the Iraqi consulate in the Syrian capital Damascus Thursday, killing an Iraqi woman. The capital has been targeted by bombs and mortar shells in recent months. Here, Syrians inspect the sight of a car bomb attack in Damascus' Tadamun neighbourhood last week. (AFP)
12:44 GMT

The Iraqi consulate was hit by a mortar shell on Thursday, killing one and injuring several others.

Moscow said Thursday it is willing to fully help Syria with the disposal of its chemical weapons stockpiles. (AFP/File)
10:47 GMT

Amid UN Security Council discussions on the removal of Syria's chemical weapons, Moscow has said it will protect President Assad's chemical weapons sites when the country's stockpiles are removed.

Iraq has been plagued by sectarian violence in 2013, with over 1,000 people dying in July alone. Here, Iraqis inspect the site the day after a bombing attack near a funeral tent that killed at least 56 in the Sadr City district of Baghdad on September 22, 2103. (AFP)
10:16 GMT

A series of bombs left inside popular Baghdad markets killed at least 23 people on Thursday, according to Iraqi security sources.

Following Obama's speech at the UN General Assembly on Tuesday, analysts say that Egyptian-US relations are feeling unsettled. (AFP/File)
10:02 GMT

Barack Obama's comments at the UN are being seen by some in Egypt as a sign of US acceptance of Morsi's ouster. The speech elicited mixed reactions from Egypt on their relations with the US.

Iraq's Foreign Minister Zebari says that military aid in Syria "will only perpetuate the conflict and reduce the prospects of a negotiated settlement" (Courtesy of Alistair Lyon/Reuters)
09:13 GMT

Iraq's Foreign Minister urges countries to stay out of the conflict in Syria and stop military assistance provisions to the war-torn nation.

Iranian President Rouhani says settling the nuclear file with the West and Israel is one of his main responsibilities as the head of government (AFP)
08:20 GMT

Iranian President Rouhani wants nuclear deal with the West and Israel within a three or six-month timetable.