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February 18, 2014

Three Egyptians were previously charged earlier this month for spying for Israel (Courtesy of Aswat Masriya)
15:56 GMT

Two Egyptians have been charged for serving as "spies for Israel."

Gaza PM Haniyeh allegedly sent a secret message to Israel's Netanyahu last week saying that Hamas was not seeking confrontation with Israel (Courtesy of Haaretz)
14:48 GMT

Hamas' Prime Minister sent a secret message to Israel's Benjamin Netanyahu saying that recent rocket fire is not an indication that Gaza is seeking a confrontation with Israel.

At least 10 car bomb attacks were reported in central Iraq Tuesday (File Archive/AFP)
14:32 GMT

At least 19 people have been killed from 10 separate car bombs in central Iraq Tuesday.

Kerry will next meet with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. (AFP/File)
12:00 GMT

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry made a surprise stop in Tunisia on Tuesday, as he offers continued American assistance to the North African state.

Foreign tourists wait to cross from the Israeli side of the Taba crossing into Egypt on February 16, 2014, after a bomb targeted a tourist bus in Egypt's Sinai peninsula near the Israel border, carrying South Korean sightseers. (AFP)
11:51 GMT

Hardline Egyptian Islamist group Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis has ordered all tourists to leave Egypt and threatened to attack any foreigners who remain in the country beyond a deadline of Feb. 20.

Iran will not allow mention of its military to be brought up at the Vienna talks, the foreign ministry said Tuesday. (AFP/Getty/File)
11:34 GMT

The Iranian Foreign Ministry has stressed that military issues have “no place” on the agenda of the Islamic Republic’s nuclear negotiations with six major world powers taking place in Vienna, Austria.

African asylum seekers, who entered Israel illegally via Egypt, lean at the fence of the Holot detention centre in Israel's southern Negev Desert, on February 17, 2014. (AFP)
10:42 GMT

About 1,000 African asylum seekers have held a demonstration in the south of the occupied Palestinian territories, protesting the Israeli policy toward refugees.

Iraqi Shiite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr delivers a speech from the southern Iraqi city of Najaf on February 18, 2014. Al-Sadr slammed Iraq's government as corrupt and headed by a "dictator". (AFP)
10:25 GMT

Iraq’s powerful Shiite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr on Tuesday described Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki as a “tyrant” who heads a “corrupt” government and suppresses his opponents.

Most of the migrant workers building the 2022 World Cup infrastructure are from South Asia and face terrible conditions. (AFP/File)
09:43 GMT

The Indian Embassy in Qatar said that more than 450 Indian workers have died in the Gulf country over the past two years, and that most of them were working on the infrastructure for the 2022 World Cup.

Boycotters are "classical anti-Semites in modern garb," Netanyahu said Monday. (AFP/File)
09:13 GMT

Amid a growing international boycott campaign against Israel, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has labeled boycotters as anti-Semites.

A lack of food and medical supplies is also causing death in Yarmouk. Here, Palestinian children in Gaza stage a fake funeral in solidarity with their brothers in the besieged Damascus camp. (AFP/File)
08:38 GMT

A human rights monitoring group has reported that Palestinian refugees from the Yarmouk camp are being tortured by the Syrian regime's intelligence, and that one man has died after being detained for five months.

An Iraqi man stands near debris in the aftermath of an explosion in the Ur district in eastern Baghdad, on February 18, 2014. Attacks in Iraq, including a series of car bombs in Baghdad, killed at least 23 people yesterday. (AFP)
07:53 GMT

Officials reported that two car bombs went off in Baghdad on Tuesday morning, killing at least 10 people.

Israeli arm dealers planned to breach Iran's arms embargo, the report claims. They were attempting to smuggle fighter jet parts through Greece. (AFP/File)
07:45 GMT

Israeli weapons smugglers tried to send fighter jet parts to Iran through Greece in violation of an Iran arms embargo, a Greek newspaper has reported.

Berri said he asked the Kuwaiti emir to mediate the talks between Iran and Saudi. (Image courtesy of
07:24 GMT

Lebanese Parliamentary Speaker Nabih Berry has called on the Gulf countries to play a mediating role and bring about the end to the frosty relationship between Iran and Saudi Arabia.

Saudi National Guard Minister Mutaib bin Abdullah bin Abdulaziz (R) talks to Britain's Prince Charles (L), on February 17, 2014 following the latter's arrival at Riyadh airport. The Prince will also travel to Doha on his trip. (AFP)
07:04 GMT

The heir to the British throne Prince Charles arrived in Saudi Arabia late Monday as part of a four-day Middle Eastern tour.