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April 5, 2013

Protestors in Cairo’s Tahrir Square show their support to Sunni Islam’s top religious authority, al-Azhar. (Photo courtesy Masrawy)
17:50 GMT

Following allegations that the Muslim Brotherhood concocted the famous food poisoning incident in the Islamic center of learning, protests break out in the Egyptian capital.

EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton (L) looks at Iran's top nuclear negotiator Saeed Jalili (R) leaving the podium after their meeting on the sidelines of the Iran's talks with world powers representatives on Iran's nuclear programme in the Kazakh city of Almaty. (AFP PHOTO /ILYAS OMAROV)
07:40 GMT

The second meeting begins in Almaty, Kazakhstan with high hopes but low expectations.

A Palestinian woman works on a field in Beit Hanun in the northern Gaza Strip on April 4, 2013. (AFP PHOTO/MOHAMMED ABED)
06:46 GMT

The UN agency decides to suspend its activities following protests that saw angry demonstrators break in to one of their compounds.

April 4, 2013

Rebel fighter load their weapons in the Sheikh Maqsud neighborhood in Aleppo on April 4, 2013. (AFP PHOTO / DIMITAR DILKOFF)
16:34 GMT

According to Syrian state media, Jordan is liable to fall into the "volcanic crater" of the Syrian conflict if it continues to support the opposition.

Civil Defense Forces in Cairo have put out a fire that began Thursday morning in a building of the South Cairo court. (Al
12:07 GMT

An investigation has now begun into the exact cause of fire, which many think happened under suspicious circumstances.

MP Tamam Salam speaks during a news conference. (The Daily Star/Hasan Shaaban)
09:36 GMT

Tamam Salam is on his way to speak to Saad Hariri over who will be nominated as next candidate to lead the Lebanese government.

A bomb technician collects the remains of a rocket launched from Gaza Strip falling close to Sderot on April 3, 2013. Israeli aircraft carried out apparent warning strikes in the Gaza Strip, hitting empty fields after a militant rocket earlier struck waste ground in southern Israel. (AFP PHOTO/DAVID BUIMOVITCH)
09:23 GMT

The attacks, on Thursday, did not cause any casualties but are liable to raise tensions in the region.

A Palestinian boy plays in an old tree east of Gaza City, near the Israeli border with the Gaza Strip, on April 3, 2013. (AFP PHOTO/MOHAMMED ABED)
07:57 GMT

Both teens were shot dead by Israeli soldiers at the military checkpoint outside the city of Tulkarem.

Al Azhar is the center of Sunni power across the region.
06:16 GMT

Speaking to Al Arabiya, Sheikh Ahmed Karima says never before has the seat of Islamic learning been insulted as it is today.

April 3, 2013

Jordan is set to declare a "disaster zone" it its northern region due to the number of Syrian refugees.
15:35 GMT

Jordan's Prime Minister will declare a "disaster zone" it the country's northern region as the numbers of Syrian refugees continues to grow and concerns over a wide-scale flow of Syrian's in case of a major flare up in violence.

A student suffering from food poisoning is helped into an ambulance (AFP Photo/ Mohammed Al Shahed)
15:22 GMT

The President of Al-Azhar University, Osama El-Abd, was sacked on Wednesday as hundreds of students recover from food poisoning

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry.
11:34 GMT

The U.S. secretary of state is set for Turkey next on his regional tour to discuss the war just across the border.

Arsal town was hit by Syrian fire on Wednesday according to witnesses (Daily Star photo)
11:31 GMT

Witnesses in the Lebanese town reported seeing a Syrian plane fire missiles

The Lebanese army was deployed on the streets of Tripoli last month (AFP Photo)
09:47 GMT

Gunmen ambushed a convoy of Syrian trucks early on Wednesday, opening fire and wounding at least one person

An Israeli bomb technician handles the remains of a rocket fired from Gaza into Sderot (AFP Photo/ David Buimovitch)
09:00 GMT

Israel launches air attack on Gaza for the first time since last November's 8 day war