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July 8, 2013

Egyptian supporters of deposed president Mohamed Morsi sit in front of barbed wire fencing that blocks the access to the headquarters of the Republican Guard in Cairo on July 8, 2013. (AFP/PHOTO / MAHMUD HAMS)
16:43 GMT

Military spokesman Ahmed Aly said in a press conference Monday that armed groups attacked army and police forces Monday.

 Al-Azhar Mosque in Cairo. Photo for Illustrative Purposes Only (Source: Commons Wikimedia/Daniel Mayer)
16:03 GMT

Egypt's top cleric Ahmed al-Tayyeb says he will go into seclusion until Egyptian violence ceases.

Protesters shout slogans waving national flags during a demonstration on Algeria Square to demand the removal of arms and the evacuation of unofficial armed groups on July 7, 2013 in the Libyan capital Tripoli.(MAHMUD TURKIA /AFP)
15:47 GMT

Protesters gathered in Tripoli Sunday, calling for the disbanding of the capital's militias.

Image file photo - used for illustrative purposes
14:52 GMT

On the anniversary of civil war in Yemen, thousands of people gathered Sunday to demand the independence of South Yemen.

14:49 GMT

Two Egyptian soldiers kidnapped by supporters of deposed President Morsi have managed to escape their captors.

A picture released by opposition-run Shaam News Network on July 2, 2013 shows rebel fighters scouting the area in Syria's central city of Homs. (Source:  "AFP PHOTO / HO / SHAAM NEWS NETWORK")
13:55 GMT

A Syrian government official claims a contested part of Homs has been captured from the rebels. The rebels have denied this.

Lebanese parliament (Source: AFP file photo)
11:07 GMT

Lebanese Prime Minister-designate Tammam Salam said Monday his efforts to form his government had yet to bear any results and said the unfavorable option of resignation was still available to him

 Omar Othman, the father of radical Islamist cleric Abu Qatada, speaks with Jordanian policemen outside the state security court in Amman on July 7, 2013 (Source: AFP/KHALIL MAZRAAWI)
09:42 GMT

Radical cleric Abu Qatada will launch another bid for freedom at a court in Jordan after he was finally deported from Britain on Sunday.

 An Egyptian supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood holds a portrait of deposed president Mohamed Morsi during a rally outside Cairo's Rabaa al-Adawiya mosque late on July 7, 2013. (Source: AFP/MAHMOUD KHALED)
09:17 GMT

The statement was made after at least 35 MB supporters were shot dead outside an army HQ in Cairo

Protestor raises specter of deposed Morsi at Cairo rally turned violent, July 7 (Image Mahmoud Khaled / AFP)
09:10 GMT

Egypt's daggers at dawn: Early morning Cairo - the city that doesn't sleep- reports a morning slaughter leaving 34 killed outside Cairo’s army headquarters

Egyptians wave the national flag on a building rooftop on July 7, 2013 as hundreds of thousands flood Egypt's landmark Tahrir square to demontrate against ousted President Mohammed Morsi and in support of the Egyptian Army in Cairo (Mohamed el-Shahed / AFP)
05:57 GMT

Hundreds of thousands take to the streets to uphold former president Mohamed Morsi's ouster as political figures mull post of prime minister

July 7, 2013

Hezbollah honors its dead fighter, killed in Syria in July, 2013 (Image Ali Dia / AFP)
22:21 GMT

Lebanese parents have asked Hezbollah leaders to stop sending their sons to fight for the regime in Syria, a source told Asharq al-Awsat

Israeli ultra orthodox activists demonstrate In Arab-Israeli City Of Nazareth (Image used for illustrative purposes/ Getty/ By: Uriel Sinai)
21:47 GMT

Israel's cabinet has approved a bill curbing conscription exemptions from the ultra Orthodox student communities

Ziad Bahaa El-Din has been offered the position of PM for Egypt, say Ahram (image courtesy of Amwal Al Ghad)
20:32 GMT

Ziad Bahaa El-Din, founder of the Egyptian Social Democratic Party, has been offered the post of Egypt's Prime Minister, over ElBaradei who has reportedly since been offered the job of VP

A combo of image grab taken from a video uploaded to YouTube on July 5, 2013, shows an unidentified group of men taking refuge atop of a building while being surrounded by another group of men (Top-L), hurled of a ledge onto the roof of a building (Top-R, Bottom-L), and then beaten (Bottom-R) (YouTube / AFP)
16:02 GMT

Egyptian security forces have arrested a suspect accused of throwing anti-Morsi protesters off a building in Alexandria