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September 4, 2013

ordanian opposition protesters shout slogans during a anti-US demonstration outside the US embassy on September 1, 2013 in the Jordanian capital Amman. (AFP)
10:59 GMT

The Jordanian Armed Forces are on high alert in anticipation of a potential Syria strike.

Egyptian interim President Adly Mansour said Wednesday Egypt would not return to a police state. (AFP/File)
10:20 GMT

Egyptian interim President Adly Mansour rejected claims that Egypt is moving back towards a Mubarak-era police state.

A top Hezbollah official apparently admitted that the Syrian government was behind the use of chemical weapons in Syria, according to German intelligence. Pro-Assad Turks wave flags with his face on it in Hatay, Turkey. (AFP)
09:09 GMT

German intelligence reportedly picked up a phone conversation between a Hezbollah official and the Iranian embassy that allegedly proves that Bashar Assad and his government were behind the attacks on August 21.

US Secretary of State John Kerry speaks before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on the topic of "The Authorization of Use of Force in Syria" in Washington, DC. (AFP)
08:54 GMT

During a public exchange in Congress late Tuesday, US Secretary of State made a brief reference to putting US troops in Syria, but quickly retracted the statement.

Al Qaeda has been working up defences against US drone strikes in the Middle East since 2010, US intelligence documents reveal. (Al Bawaba/File of US air force drone)
08:26 GMT

US intelligence documents revealed Tuesday that Al Qaeda groups across the Middle East have been attempting to counter US drone strikes since 2010.

 Russian President Vladimir Putin, a stauch ally of Bashar Assad, has called claims that the regime used chemical agents against civilians in Damascus 'ludicrous'. (AFP)
07:42 GMT

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday slammed claims that Syrian President Bashar Assad's regime was the perpetrator of the chemical attacks in Damascus but said if it was proved, Russia may partake in a military strike.

September 3, 2013

11 Muslim Brotherhood members have been sentenced to life in prison for allegedly inciting violence towards anti-Morsi protesters in August. (AFP/File)
16:29 GMT

11 members of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood were given life sentences in prison on Tuesday over charges they incited violence against protesters, as 11 members were given 25 years and 45 other members were given five years.

Barack Obama (R) shakes hands with Francois Hollande in the Oval Office at the White House on May 18, 2012 (AFP)
16:25 GMT

French President Francois Hollande on Tuesday called on Europe to take a unified stance against the Syrian crisis, adding that France would not act in Syria without the US.

A wave of violence swept across Baghdad and its suburbs on Tuesday, killing 13 people. (Getty)
13:21 GMT

A car bombing and attacks by gunmen in Baghdad and across the capital's suburbs resulted in the deaths of 13 people on Tuesday.

Israeli boys stand with their bicycles as they watch a battery of Iron Dome, a short-range missile defence system, positioned on the outskirts of Tel Aviv on August 30, 2013. (AFP)
11:40 GMT

Israel and the US were 'testing' their defence capabilities in the Mediterrean on Tuesday morning, sparking fears of conflict after Russian radars picked up ballistic activity.

Syrian army soldiers are seen deployed in the Jobar neighbourhood of Damascus on August 24, 2013. (AFP)
10:33 GMT

Some 55 soldiers from the Syrian army have defected from the regime and are now based in the Damascus suburbs, according to Syrian activists.

Waves crash over the bow of the Arleigh-Burke-class guided missile destroyer USS Barry, one of those deployed to the Mediterranean in anticipation of a military strike on Syria. (AFP)
10:22 GMT

The Russian Ministry of Defence reported on Tuesday that its radars had detected two ballistic 'objects' being fired into the Mediterranean as the world anticipates a military intervention in Syria.

Dozens of militants have been killed in the Sinai peninsula after the Egyptian army launched an attack on their strongholds. (AFP/File)
08:35 GMT

The Egyptian army launched a series of missile strikes at militant strongholds in the Sinai peninsula on Tuesday, killing dozens.

Israeli soldiers arrest a Palestinian youth in the West Bank's Qalandiya refugee camp on August 26, 2013. (AFP)
08:01 GMT

Following a meeting on Saturday between the top peace talks negotiators, the Palestinians and Israelis are set to meet in Jerusalem on Tuesday night.

Supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood and Egypt's ousted president Mohamed Morsi clash with security forces, in Cairo, on August 30, 2013. (AFP)
07:45 GMT

The Muslim Brotherhood said on Monday that it and the Freedom and Justice Party had not been invited to join the 50 member secular committee tasked with amending the Egyptian constitution.