January 18, 2010

13:58 GMT

Emirates-based shipbuilding, shiprepair and conversion specialist, has secured a major contract worth US$128million for the construction of three new

December 27, 2009

08:01 GMT

A new report by Arab Advisors Group overviews, compares and analyzes terrestrial TV channel's advertising rates in selected countries chosen to be representative geographically of the Arab World.

December 22, 2009

21:09 GMT

The Algerian newspaper “Al Khabar” (The News) said that the management at the “Lohran Arab Film Festival” will take off the names of the Egyptian stars that received awards during the festival’s award

November 30, 2009

20:35 GMT

Several Egyptian pages posted on the internet website “Facebook” have called for the famous singer Wardah Al Jaza’iryah to be banned from entering Egypt

November 24, 2009

17:08 GMT

Libyan leader Moamer Kadhafi has offered his services as mediator in the crisis between Algeria and Egypt following the recent World Cup qualifiers

November 20, 2009

19:27 GMT

Algeria's foreign minister summoned Egypt's envoy on Friday to reject accusations that his government failed to protect Egyptians from violent Algeria

November 19, 2009

16:59 GMT

Egypt recalled its ambassador in Algeria for "consultations" on Thursday

November 18, 2009

19:45 GMT

A first-half goal by defender Antar Yahya has given Algeria a 1-0 victory over rivals from Egypt and a berth in the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

November 17, 2009

13:46 GMT

Thousands of Algerian and Egyptian fans flocked Tuesday to Khartoum for a decisive World Cup qualifier between the two countries as Sudanese police we

10:35 GMT

Tassili Airlines of Algeria placed its first order for Boeing (NYSE:BA) airplanes with a signed deal for four Next-Generation 737-800s, announced toda

09:56 GMT

Boeing (NYSE:BA) and Air Algerie announced an order for seven Next-Generation 737-800s today at Dubai Airshow 2009.

November 14, 2009

20:02 GMT

Egypt on Saturday beat Algeria 2-0 in the World Cup qualifier match in Cairo

November 12, 2009

21:41 GMT

The Algerian government said four football players from the national team were injured Thursday when their bus was attacked by Egyptian fans upon arri

November 4, 2009

08:30 GMT

Comprehensive geospatial infrastructure management solution to support engineering, construction and protection of critical pipeline assets

October 30, 2009

15:27 GMT

As football passions continue to heat ahead of the 14 November match in Cairo between Egypt and Algiers which will decide which national team qualifie