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6 تشرين الثاني/نوفمبر 2014

Apple is one of the companies that is eager to enter this huge, relatively untouched market, which has a craze for high-tech gadgets.
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Apple is one of the companies that is eager to enter this huge, relatively untouched market, which has a craze for high-tech gadgets.

French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius had hailed the conclusion of the deal as a major boost to the Lebanese army's ability to tackle "terrorism".
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The deal, first announced in December by former President Michel Sleiman, comes as the poorly equipped Lebanese Army battles jihadists.

US light crude was down $2.00 at $76.78 a barrel. It touched a session low of $75.84, its weakest since October 2011.
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Brent crude oil fell more than 3 percent to its lowest in more than four years near $82 a barrel on Tuesday.

The reality is that women working from home can be more productive in some tasks such as accounting, scheduling and responding to customers’ inquiries.
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Most women aged 25 to 44 prefer working from home due to the amount of responsibilities they have with their work and family lives.

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The new stores will cost an estimated LE2 billion (approx. $270m) and will offer foodstuffs produced by the state-owned Holding Company for Food Industries,
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Egypt agreed to allocate land for retailer Carrefour and grant it legal approvals necessary to build ten new branches for the superstore outside Cairo and Alexandria.

“The budget of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia depends 90 per cent on oil … I’ve already said that this is a huge mistake,” said the prince.
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Prince Alwaleed publicly urged the government last month to do more to protect the economy of the world’s top oil exporter from the slide.

The bluetooth technology would also have practical applications across the hotel experience including gym and elevators.
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Getting inside the room would require guests to hold their smartphones up to the bluetooth panels on the doors.

Officials are optimistic that Made in Makkah products will be available for sale over the next 12 months.
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It's called the "Made in Makkah project".

The swap agreement is valid for three years and may be extended by mutual consent.
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The arrangements mark a deepening of the financial cooperation between the two countries to use cross-border currency trade

Under the contract, a new terminal for Kuwait International Airport and a new runway will be built in addition to around 30 gates to boost the facility's capacity.
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Kuwait on Monday awarded a contract worth 1.4-billion dinar ($4.8 billion) to a local company for the expansion of the country's only international airport.

About 20,000 civil servants in the Gaza Strip went on strike Tuesday to protest the Palestinian unity government's refusal to pay military and security employees of Hamas.
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All ministries and other institutions run by Hamas in Gaza were shut and gated, except for schools, after the walkout by mostly administrative workers.

Between 2004 and 2013, the volume of trade increased by 21%, edging up from $41m to $165m.
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The minister pointed out that the targeted trade volume between both countries is over $5bn.

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 The initial public offering by the NCB, which was hoping to raise $6 billion, is one of the largest in the world this year and the biggest in the kingdom's history.
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A share offer by Saudi Arabia's National Commercial Bank was 16 times oversubscribed late Sunday, in what one financial analyst called "the mother of all IPOs".

Kufpec Chief Executive Officer Nawaf Saud Al-Nasir said in a statement Saturday the deal came “as a result of the recently enacted energy reform in Mexico.
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A Kuwaiti exploration company said it signed a memorandum of understanding to work alongside its counterparts in the Mexican energy sector.

Between 1980 and 2013, Saudi Arabia’s life expectancy at birth increased by 12.5 years
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Saudi Arabia has achieved higher than the global average in the development achieved in the education sector, according to the Human Development Report for 2014