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13 تموز/يوليو 2014

Factory Girl is one of the films to feature at the 2014 Arab Film Festival this summer. (Image: Facebook)
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Films from Egypt, Lebanon, Iraq, Palestine and Jordan, including Mohamed Khan's Factory Girl, will be screened at the Riverside Theatres in Sydney, Australia, this August as part of the 2014 Arab Film Festival.

Latifa says she hosted all her concerts celebrating ousted President Ben Ali for free. (Image: Facebook)
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Tunisian singer Latifa made it clear that she seriously doesn't care for the tunisian resident's Black List against her!

Who? Me? Sue me? Imam's show may be in trouble with an Egyptian hospital! (Image: Facebook)
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Adel Imam's Ramadan TV show "His Excellency" may be getting sued by an Egyptian hospital... but why?

Liqa is so not happy with Galal and his prank show! (Image: Albawaba edit)
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Egyptian actress Liqa Suwaidan feels "insulted" by Ramez Galal's prank show!

George Clooney is not accepting of Daily Mail's "apology" over the Mrs. Alamuddin rumors.
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Daily Mail did publish an apology for false reports that said Amal Alamuddin's mother was not approving of her marriage to George Clooney, but the Hollywood star isn't having it.

She knows she's loved by all.
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In case you were wondering what hot celeb would added to the Carthage festival lineup, no more guesses needed. Nancy Ajram is on her way, Tunisia, and she couldn't be more honored.

12 تموز/يوليو 2014

A long list of Jazz artists will arrive in Eilat from August 24-27. (Image courtesy of the event website)
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The four-day program is packed with big names from abroad, as well as some of the pick of the local crop.

11 تموز/يوليو 2014

Egyptian singer Angham is releasing her first ever Lebanese single! (Image: Facebook)
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Egyptian singer Angham is releasing her first ever Lebanese single!

10 تموز/يوليو 2014

Ahmed flashes a smile now that he's put the drugs story behind him. (Image: Facebook)
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Ahmed Azmi has finally been found innocent by an Egyptian court on his drugs charges.

George has spoken out to defend his future wife Amal and her mother. (Image: Albawaba edit)
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British tabloid The Daily Mail has apologized to George Clooney after he slammed them for publishing a fabricated story about his future mother-in-law Baria Alamuddin.

Still from the trailer of 'Exodus: Gods and Kings.' (Image: YouTube still)
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The biblical drama depicting Moses' departure from Egypt is set to hit US cinemas in December.

Despite security concerns, the historical city of Baalbek will host its annual music festival this year. (Image: The Daily Star/Nidal Solh)
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Baalbek festival returns home, braves security concerns; but will anyone be attending?

George Clooney and his Lebanese fiancee aren't having issues with the mother of the bride.
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Daily Mail is so not on the Hollywood actor's good side right now after circulating rumors that Amal Alamuddin's mother was opposed to the upcoming marriage.

David Mamet must smile when he speaks so highly of Israel. (Image courtesy of
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Known for his prize-winning writing pieces, David Mamet speaks about his love of Israel before his guest attendance at the 31st Jerusalem Film Festival.

Ali Ismail is one of the Egyptian musicians performing at the new salon. (Image: Facebook)
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If you like Al-Karama politics and you're down with some poetry and performing artists, then hit the newly opened salon each Thursday during Ramadan.