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22 كانون الثاني/يناير 2015

Shadia's fame goes way back. (Image: Al Bawaba archive)
16:23 بتوقيت جرينتش

We haven't seen her on the screen for decades, but Shadia has popped up in the spotlight again after being admitted to the hospital for a fall.

Ahlam signs her brand new three-year contract with Platinum Records. (Image:
12:21 بتوقيت جرينتش

UAE superstar Ahlam says goodbye Rotana and hello Platinum Records!

Miss Egypt strikes a pose for a photo with Miss Israel. (Image:
11:46 بتوقيت جرينتش

Miss Egypt took a series of photos with fellow Miss Universe contestant Miss Israel, who was just involved in a selfie "war" with Miss Lebanon!

This DJ Eats Everything! (Image:
11:42 بتوقيت جرينتش

With DJ Eats Everything, Kaz James, and Damien Lazarus in the lineup over the next few weeks, you know Provocateur is gonna be off the chain.

Saudi Film Festival is coming up next month. (Image:
10:46 بتوقيت جرينتش

Dozens of films are coming to the screen next month for the Second Saudi Film Festival.

The May Instagram shot that caused her haters to compare her to Kim Kardashian! (Image: Instagram)
09:32 بتوقيت جرينتش

May Hariri's fans are comparing - and criticizing - her to Kim Kardashian after posting a seductive Instagram shot of her behind!

A screenshot of Madonna's message thanking the FBI and Israeli Police for arresting her hacker. (Image: Facebook)
08:29 بتوقيت جرينتش

Music icon Madonna was grateful for the Israeli Police for arresting her unreleased-music hacker!

21 كانون الثاني/يناير 2015

Drake is bringing his bad self to Dubai this March
13:22 بتوقيت جرينتش

Canadian rapper Drake has confirmed a gig at the Dubai International Stadium on March 14.

Spot the difference: The resemblance between Anne and Amal is uncanny! (Image: Albawaba edit)
13:21 بتوقيت جرينتش

American Hollywood actress Anne Hathaway was told that she looks so much like Amal Clooney, and this is how she reacted to the news!

Fahad al-Kubaisi loves what he does. (Image: cropped from Facebook for formatting purposes)
13:15 بتوقيت جرينتش

Fahad Al-Kubaisi has clearly made it to the big leagues of music as he takes the stage the night before Pharrell Williams and Gwen Stefani are set to perform.

Karam Mourad (Image: cropped from Facebook)
12:45 بتوقيت جرينتش

Thursday night at the B. Art Gallery will be happenin' place as Nubian singer Karam Mourad takes the stage with his oud.

Jon Stewart hilariously addressed the Miss Universe pageant selfie fight between Miss Lebanon and Miss Israel on “The Daily Show” Monday. (Image: YouTube screenshot)
12:11 بتوقيت جرينتش

Jon Stewart mocks the media frenzy behind the Miss Lebanon-Miss Israel selfie... and of course, he's super hilarious!

Elham attending the Doha Tribeca Film Festival. (Image: Facebook)
10:37 بتوقيت جرينتش

What is Elham Shahin doing on the Egyptian 25 January Revolution? Premiering her new film of course!

Helmy briefly went missing off Facebook for no apparent reason! (Image: Facebook screenshot/Albawaba edit)
09:55 بتوقيت جرينتش

Ahmed Helmy's fans have been looking for him on Facebook... where did he go?

Assi with his gorgeous daughter and wife Colette. (Image: Facebook)
08:32 بتوقيت جرينتش

This is what Assi Helani's daughter spends her daddy's money on!