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8 أيلول/سبتمبر 2014

Assi with his wife in Paris; They vacationed at the same time that the Morex De Awards ceremony was being held (Courtesy of Facebook).
15:50 بتوقيت جرينتش

What reason did Assi Helani have to turn down a special invitation to the Morex De Awards ceremony in Lebanon?

Dina is down and out after her show was stopped. (Image: Facebook)
09:18 بتوقيت جرينتش

The new dance program "Al Rakisa" (The Dancer) hosted by belly dancer Dina mysteriously disappeared off the programming schedule after just one episode aired. Is it low ratings, political instability, or something more sinister to blame?

Ghada Abdel Razek with the birthday girl and close friends (Image: Facebook).
08:50 بتوقيت جرينتش

Ghada's one and only daughter Rotana turned the big 25, and the celebrity momma showed off their birthday fun to the world of her Facebook fans.

Abdelmajid Lakhal is currently in critical condition. (Image courtesy of Wikipedia)
08:05 بتوقيت جرينتش

The Tunisian government loves the country's multi-talented artist so much, the medical bills for Abdelmajid Lakhal are covered by the state.

Saleh Nass directs "Central Market", debuted at the Calgary International Film Festival.
05:00 بتوقيت جرينتش

The short film Souq Al Markazi (Central Market) made its way from Bahrain all the way to Canada where the weather is cold, but the feelings about the film are warm!

7 أيلول/سبتمبر 2014

A Japanese woman makes a splash on the Arab street when she steals the show on Arab Idol... in her best Fairouz Arabic!
14:49 بتوقيت جرينتش

When Dubai held auditions for season 3 of Arab Idol and aired the premier on MBC 1 Friday, a Japanese lady singing Fairouz was soon the talk of the Arab masses!

Awesome Aussie electropop stars Empire of the Sun (L) will star in Dubai's Sandance music festival (Al Bawaba edit).
11:29 بتوقيت جرينتش

It's on again! Dubai's famed music festival Sandance starts on 10 October 2014.

Now she's given birth, life is a bed of roses for Scarlett! (Facebook)
10:52 بتوقيت جرينتش

Hollywood actress Scarlett Johansson has given birth to her first child- a daughter called Rose.

Here's to sixty more years, Nancy Ajram! (Image: Facebook)
10:39 بتوقيت جرينتش

Way to stay in like flynn for six years and counting, Nancy!

The celebrity cousins at the Lebanon Comedy Club Play Room (Image: Twitter)
10:38 بتوقيت جرينتش

Lebanon's beloved superstar dropped a bomb on fans recently, announcing that he and Canadian music sensation Massari are blood relatives from the same hometown.

Lady Gaga poised to storm the UAE September 10, 2014
10:17 بتوقيت جرينتش

With Dubai's concert date upon us, we bring you 10 things you must know about the new 'Queen of Pop' - Emirate monsters take note!

When will Mai Ezz Eldin become a Mrs. for real? (Image: Facebook)
09:52 بتوقيت جرينتش

What's behind the picture with a tiara on her head?

Maya Diab's maxin' and relaxin' in the sun. (Image: Instagram)
09:22 بتوقيت جرينتش

All work and no play would make Maya a very dull girl, and she knows it well.

Hmm, will Obama be at his bud's big day?
08:49 بتوقيت جرينتش

There have been mixed reports about whether the U.S. President will be at the A-list event this month, but here's the latest.

Lauren Goodger says she said no to sharing sheets with a man in Dubai. (Image: Twitter)
07:42 بتوقيت جرينتش

Running away to the UAE after an embarrassing scandal, Celebrity Big Brother house star Lauren Goodger shares what a man in Dubai offered her in exchange for sharing sheets.