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7 تموز/يوليو 2014

How quickly will we be seeing Amal's baby bump if she really is pregnant? (Image: Albawaba edit)
09:15 بتوقيت جرينتش

So scandalous! Is Amal Alamuddin really pregnant with George Clooney's baby before they walked down the aisle?

George and Amal make the perfect match politically and romantically! (Image: Albawaba edit)
08:06 بتوقيت جرينتش

What a lovely wife-to-be lawyer Amal Alamuddin is for helping George Clooney achieve his ambitions for entering the White House.

Pip Anderson added to the Star Wars cast, along with Crystal Clark. (Image courtesy of UPI/ Star Wars)
07:00 بتوقيت جرينتش

Abu Dhabi is the lucky locale of the latest sequence from Star Wars, which has recently updated its cast list and release date.

The event is coming!
04:31 بتوقيت جرينتش

This week brings hippies inhabiting Israel the chance to relive memories at the sixth annual Jerusalem Woodstock Revival on July 10.

6 تموز/يوليو 2014

Will the Egyptian Prime Minister ban Nelly Karim's TV drama this Ramadan? (Image: Facebook)
13:37 بتوقيت جرينتش

A Facebook group has been created to petition for the cancellation of Nelly Karim's latest TV drama "Sijn Al Nisa'a" (Women's Prison).

Suzan Tamim was murdered by an Egyptian businessman in 2008. (Image: Albawaba edit)
13:12 بتوقيت جرينتش

Late Lebanese singer Suzan Tamim's father is suing the cast and crew of TV drama "The Trial."

Hani left his "Casanova" life behind to start a family. (Image: Facebook)
12:17 بتوقيت جرينتش

We always want what we can't have, and to some women that includes a married Hani Salama!

TV viewers were so unhappy with Fouad's Israeli flag-raising on his prank show! (Image: Albawaba edit)
11:08 بتوقيت جرينتش

Mohammad Fouad has been a naughty boy, well, viewers of his prank show seem to think so!

Yosra is taking it easy at home like the doctor ordered! (Image: Facebook)
09:14 بتوقيت جرينتش

Last month, the world was happy to learn that Yosra el Lozy's finally pregnant, and that's why doctors have ordered her to stay in bed!

El Sakka and Ramez on the boat following the brilliant, and scary, prank! (Image: YouTube still)
08:21 بتوقيت جرينتش

Action actor Ahmed el Sakka looked far from brave when he was pranked by Ramez Galal on his hit show "Ramez Qirsh Al Bahr" (Ramez, Shark of the Sea) last week.

5 تموز/يوليو 2014

Gigi Hadid has made a name for herself thanks to her statuesque beauty. (Image: Albawaba edit)
14:23 بتوقيت جرينتش

19-year-old Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model Gigi Hadid is garnering more attention thanks to a risque new fragrance ad for Tom Ford Velvet Orchid.

3 تموز/يوليو 2014

The Algeria team don't want Ahlam's promised money for the goals they scored in the FIFA World Cup. (Image: Albawaba edit)
10:29 بتوقيت جرينتش

The Algeria team don't want Ahlam's promised money for the goals they scored in the FIFA World Cup.

It's unknown whether Assi realizes that his Moroccan song was insulting to Moroccan women or not. (Image: Facebook)
09:57 بتوقيت جرينتش

Moroccan singer Fatima al Arousi wasn't impressed at all by Lebanese singer Assi Helani's Moroccan single "Satta" and hit back at him with a song of her own!

Amr will begin recording his postponed Ramadan drama in October. (Image: Facebook)
09:33 بتوقيت جرينتش

Singer Amr Diab recorded 8 songs for his TV drama debut next Ramadan.

Adham passes away after a long battle with cancer. (Image: Facebook)
09:03 بتوقيت جرينتش

Renowned Syrian actor Adham al Mulla passes away at the age of 82 on Wednesday morning.