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5 مايو 2014

Hamakor playing one of their popular gigs. (Image: Facebook)
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Hamakor’s rising success has spread through the band’s tours across the globe, including a headlining show at the annual Jewzapalooza festival.

DJ Sasha is ready to spin his way to Abu Dhabi (Image: Facebook)
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Get your Welsh jams on next weekend as the 12-hour party begins on Friday, May 16 at the Monte-Carlo Beach Club, Saadiyat.

Here's to hoping Saeed will be back up on his feet soon enough. (Image: Facebook)
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Looks like Saeed Saleh's immune system is giving up on him, as he's in hospital following a downhill deterioration in his health this week.

Horeya is either hiding something or things are really nice and friendly on the set of her new drama. (Image: Facebook)
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Too many women in one place can be cause for a cat fight, but Horeya Farghaly says that's not the case on the set of her new TV drama “Amrad Nisaeyah” (Women’s Illnesses).

"Sensation" are mesmerizing with their OTT dance events. (Image: Facebook)
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Get your dance shoes ready because one of the biggest dance party events in the world will be taking over Dubai this October.

4 مايو 2014

Ezz should really be making the news public if he really is thinking of telling the world that he's Zeina's babies' father. (Image: Albawaba edit)
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Sources close to Ahmed Ezz think the actor is almost ready to admit that Zeina's babies are his.

Shaabola is back at home where he's recovering from his health scare. (Image: Facebook)
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Although Shaabola has been admitted to the hospital following a health scare, he's not dead as some assumed.

Not a happy couple, but Tamer and Basma are still together! (Image: Facebook)
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We all thought Tamer Hosny and Basma Bousel pulled the plug on their marriage, but turns out it's only trouble in Paradise for the starry couple!

Najwa Karam has fans in nearly every corner of the world! (Image: Facebook)
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Najwa Karam is currently taking this thing international! After making four stops already, the songstress is still on the move around the United States.

From top left clockwise: fragment of artwork by Reda Abd El Rahman. (photo: courtesy of Gallery Misr); still from 'This is Not a Film' (11 May); still from opera Tosca YouTube trailer (opening 8 May); still from YouTube, performance of Mawawil (6 May). (Image: Al Ahram)
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The Spring Festival continues this week, along with films, music performances and several exhibition openings in Cairo and Alexandria. Ahram Online brings you recommendations for the week's best cultural events.

Can you see through her blouse? Some said they could! (Image courtesy of Laha Magazine).
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With "The Voice" season over, Sherine is back to her homeland, and she let her country know it by holding a concert at the Cairo Stadium on May 2.

Two talented Saleh's
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Like father, like son, both Medhat Saleh and his son are in the singing biz, but Adham says he doesn't want his dad's help developing his career.

Her life is as good as a queen's, but she wouldn't be mind another little one to love too! (Image: Facebook)
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She's head over heels for her three-year-old daughter Talia, and now Cyrine Abdelnour admits its time to consider having a second baby.

Waters vs. Jagger in the Israel gig case.
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“Playing Israel now is the moral equivalent of playing Sun City at the height of South African apartheid,” wrote Roger Waters and Nick Mason in attempt to get their colleagues to cancel their concert scheduled in Tel Aviv on June 4.

Anything Haifa touches turns into money! (Image: Facebook)
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Haifa Wehbe's doing oh-so-well on the acting front, as her upcoming Ramadan TV drama has just been sold to two TV giants.