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26 كانون الأول/ديسمبر 2013

4D is a whole new way to watch for the region. (Image courtesyof Shutterstock/ Bevan Goldswain)
07:25 بتوقيت جرينتش

With rocking chairs, H2O coming from the chair backs, and even smells make for a 4D cinema experience to remember in Dubai.

The fireworks display at Burj Khalifa in Dubai in 2013. (Image: Facebook)
05:00 بتوقيت جرينتش

Dubai has promised to celebrate New Year's Eve with a record-breaking extravaganza featuring over 400,000 fireworks, the largest display the world has ever seen, the same night that the "Ice Ice, Baby" hit maker comes to town.

Amr Diab will be holding his DIFF concert in January. (Image: Facebook)
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Fans disappointed by Amr Diab's cancelled concert can now rejoice as a new performance date has been scheduled!

Hamza Hawsawi, also known by his stage name “Ayzee”, is one of the Kingdom’s most talented R&B singers. (Image: Arabnews)Ay
23:48 بتوقيت جرينتش

Arab News interviews Saudi's R&B singing sensation "Ayzee."

25 كانون الأول/ديسمبر 2013

Ragheb Alama flew out to Egypt on Tuesday to celebrate Christmas in Cairo.
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Ragheb Alama flew out to Egypt on Tuesday to celebrate Christmas in Cairo.

Maxim told host Amir Karara that he regrets his first marriage, which he frankly described as a “big mistake.” (Image: Facebook)
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Syrian actor Maxim Khalil was all talk about marriage and relationships during his appearance on Dubai TV’s “Al Khazna” (The Safe) show.

Lovebirds attending Carole Samaha's show earlier this month (Image: Twitter)
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Nicole Saba and Youssef El Khal surely make one smokin' couple, and they're sharing the love to fans with Tweets that will make your heart melt.

24 كانون الأول/ديسمبر 2013

Assi Helani refused to appear on Asala Nasri's show for less money than what he had requested. (Image: Albawaba edit)
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Assi Helani and Asala Nasri couldn't come to an agreement on the singer's payment to appear on Asala's show. Could he charge as much as Haifa Wehbe does? Wow!

Walid Tawfiq has remixed old classics in a new album. (Image: Facebook)
11:56 بتوقيت جرينتش

Lebanese singer Walid Tawfiq has revived some the Arab world's best classical songs in a new album.

Cyrine is following in the footsteps of stars like Angelina Jolie and Maya Diab. (Image: Albawaba edit)
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Cyrine Abdelnour is following in the footsteps of Angelina Jolie, by signing up to a number of humanitarian work projects.

Elissa's guest-edited version of Jamalouki magazine is nowhere to be seen now in the stands. #soldout
10:11 بتوقيت جرينتش

It should be no surprise after all the hype the recent release of her guest-edition of Jamalouki magazine received, but the issue is nowhere to be found in the stands, according to the starlet's Twitter page!

Farah is one sad daughter as she says goodbye to her deceased dad. (Image: Facebook)
09:51 بتوقيت جرينتش

Farah Bsiso is beside herself with sentiment as she takes to social media to say farewell to her father and request fans to pray her rests in peace.

Carole Samaha taking "The Lady" stage by storm (Image: Facebook)
09:32 بتوقيت جرينتش

Sell-out shows and a hit song still atop the charts make for a very happy holiday season for Carole Samaha.

Two different faces, two different looks, one new drama underway.
08:58 بتوقيت جرينتش

Get a sneak peak into the filming world of the new Syrian drama "Al Qurban" (The Sacrifice), starring Amal Arafeh as an engaged lady in love and Nadine Tahsin Baik as a good, forgiving Syrian woman.

Zorra attending the Runway Bridal Edition recently with Hany Elbeheiri & Youssef Sbahi (Image courtesy her instagram)
08:30 بتوقيت جرينتش

Single starlet Dorra was one of many celebrities attending the glam event for brides-to-be at the luxurious Sofitel al-Gezirah hotel last week. Could there be a Mr. Right for the single Tunisian actress?