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Critics say Israel is not doing enough to tackle hate crime attacks against Palestinians and their properties (File/AFP)
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Israeli extremists sprayed anti-Arab graffiti and set fire to a mosque in the northern Israeli town of Umm al-Fahm on Friday.

Israel illegally imposed a blockade on the Gaza Strip in June 2007 worsening the poverty and humanitarian crisis (File/AFP)
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The new Commissioner-General of the UN Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA), Pierre Krahenbuhl said that Israel's blockade of Gaza “amounts to an illegal collective punishment.”

17 نيسان/إبريل 2014

Human rights groups estimate that there are around 5,000 Palestinians in Israel's jails (Menahem Kahana/AFP)
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Protesters across the occupied West bank and Gaza Strip took to the streets on Thursday to demonstrate against Israel's human rights abuses against Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails.

Altercations at al Aqsa mosque have heightened tensions between Israelis and Palestinians. (AFP/File)
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Baruch Mizrahi, Israel's police chief was killed in al Khalil.

16 نيسان/إبريل 2014

The cause of the blast is unclear. (AFP/File)
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Three Palestinians were injured and five were wounded on Wednesday after an explosion went off in the Gaza Strip, a medical official reported.

15 نيسان/إبريل 2014

The IDF fired tear gas at Palestinians in Aida refugee camp (File/AFP)
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A 44-year-old woman died in Beit Jala Public Hospital after inhaling tear gas used by the Israeli army.

Israeli forces have erected checkpoints near Hebron in response to the death of an Israeli in Hebron Monday. (AFP/File)
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Israeli soldiers have blocked main roads and erected military checkpoints in two villages near Hebron.

Hebron is experiencing heightened tensions after the Israeli government ruled Monday that an Israeli family could move back into their contested house in a settlement. (AFP/File)
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Palestinian gunmen shot and killed one Israeli and injured two others in Hebron.

14 نيسان/إبريل 2014

Hebron is home to approximately 250,000 Palestinians and roughly 600 Jewish settlers. (AFP/File)
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The Israeli Supreme Court ruled that a Jewish family may move back into a contested house in Hebron.

13 نيسان/إبريل 2014

Israeli officials say the Palestinians were arrested because they were working without permits. (AFP/File)
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Israeli forces have arrested 49 Palestinians throughout the week.

12 نيسان/إبريل 2014

According to the Israeli Committee against House Demolitions, over 100 structures have been demolished in 2014 alone. (AFP/File)
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The Israeli government has demolished several humanitarian residential buildings that were partially funded by the EU.

11 نيسان/إبريل 2014

This year's marathon was a good turnout, organizers say (File/AFP)
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Palestinians and foreigners alike took on Bethlehem's hilly roads and ran the marathon as part of the "Right to Movement" campaign on Friday.

Easter is an important time for Palestine's 200,000 Christians (File/AFP)
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Archbishop Atallah Hanna and Palestinian Christian groups have accused Israel of discriminating against their right to worship freely in the holy city.

10 نيسان/إبريل 2014

The issue of Palestinian prisoners being released has sparked protests on both sides and delayed the peace talks. Some Israelis claim that the prisoners are terrorists and therefore should not be released. (AFP/File)
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Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas is ready to extend peace talks past the April 29 deadline.

8 نيسان/إبريل 2014

Soldiers stand guard on the road leading to Mieh Mieh Palestinian refugee camp on April 7, 2014 on the outskirts of the southern Lebanese port of Sidon after clashes occurred between two different Palestinian factions. The clashes left five people dead and 23 injuried.( AFP photo/Mahmoud Zayyat)
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Gaza Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh on Monday phoned a Hamas representative in Lebanon to check in on refugees in Mieh Mieh camp, a day after clashes between Palestinians killed nine.