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21 كانون الأول/ديسمبر 2014

The 12 or more airstrikes launched on Sunday aimed for Daesh targets north of Aleppo. (AFP/File)
18:07 بتوقيت جرينتش

Th US-led coalition hit targets north of the Syrian city of Aleppo in at least 12 strikes.

Jordan ended its eight year capital punishment ban (Image: Shutterstock)
12:30 بتوقيت جرينتش

Jordan ends its eight year ban of the death penalty by hanging 11 men convicted of murder.

Cairo plans to use the Apache attack helicopters to combat terrorism in the Sinai Peninsula. (AFP/File)
06:15 بتوقيت جرينتش

Ten Apache helicopters arrived in Egypt on Saturday. The US had delayed the shipment due to Egypt's uncertain political situation.

20 كانون الأول/ديسمبر 2014

Saudi security forces killed four and injured a number of others in Awamiyah on Saturday. (AFP/File)
15:56 بتوقيت جرينتش

Saudi security forces killed four anti-regime militants in clashes in the town of Awamiyah

A Tunisian woman exits a Tunis polling station after voting in the first round of presidential elections on November 23, 2014. (AFP/File)
13:55 بتوقيت جرينتش

As tomorrow's run-off presidential election approaches, Tunisians are tense. The first round results were tight and the candidates must win the support of Popular Front voters.

In recent years, Bani Jamra has been the site of anti-government demonstrations. (AFP/File)
09:44 بتوقيت جرينتش

A bomb explosion injured three policemen in a Shia village in Bahrain

19 كانون الأول/ديسمبر 2014

The Jordanian Muslim Brotherhood has closely been watched since it was listed as a terrorist organisation. (AFP/File)
12:40 بتوقيت جرينتش

A Muslim Brotherhood deputy in Jordan has gone on trial at a military court for criticizing the UAE.

18 كانون الأول/ديسمبر 2014

Ansarullah’s recent gains pose a serious challenge to the Yemen-based al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), which has for long destabilized the impoverished Arab country. (AFP/File)
18:27 بتوقيت جرينتش

Dozens of people have been killed or wounded after two car bombs targeting the positions of Shia Ansarullah fighters went off in the western Yemeni city of Hudaydah.

Tunisia's presidential runoff vote will be held on Sunday inside Tunisia and on December 19, 20 and 21 at voting stations overseas. (AFP/File)
17:41 بتوقيت جرينتش

The Tunisian army plans to deploy 36,000 troops to secure a presidential runoff vote slated for Sunday, a Defense Ministry spokesman has said

Last month, Yemeni President Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi nominated Bahah, the former oil and minerals minister, as the country's new premier to form the national unity government and end the unrest in the country. (AFP/File)
14:35 بتوقيت جرينتش

The Yemeni parliament has given a vote of confidence to the government of Prime Minister Khaled Mahafoudh Bahah following months of severe political crisis.

Armed Shia Houthi rebels protest during an anti-government rally in the Yemeni capital Sanaa, September 21, 2014. (AFP/File)
12:15 بتوقيت جرينتش

Yemen's Prime Minister Khaled Bahah said his government could resign following continued Houthi rebel raids on state institutions and public offices in the country's capital, Sanaa.

17 كانون الأول/ديسمبر 2014

The bribery investigation was the biggest in Turkey's history. (AFP/File)
20:08 بتوقيت جرينتش

Protests, public demonstrations, and panel discussions around Turkey have marked the one-year anniversary of the largest corruption and bribery investigation in the history of the country, which went public last December.

School children in Karachi pray and mourn for the 141 victims killed during the Taliban siege, December 17, 2014. (AFP/File)
10:32 بتوقيت جرينتش

Barack Obama condemned the Peshawar school siege, which left 141 people, mostly children, dead on Tuesday.

Kuwait and Jordan enjoy strong ties. (AFP/File)
05:00 بتوقيت جرينتش

Jordanian and Kuwaiti officials met in Kuwait to discuss a possible military cooperation.

16 كانون الأول/ديسمبر 2014

The bomb attack targeted the home of a leader of the Houthi Ansarullah fighters in the town of Rada' in Yemen's central province of al-Bayda.(AFP/File)
18:57 بتوقيت جرينتش

At least 31 people, including 20 children, have been killed in a car bomb attack in central Yemen.