September 19, 2005

08:25 GMT

Mr. Hatim Dadabhai, Managing Director of Pegasus Realty Company, announced that in cooperation with Dubai-based Pegasus Realty - one of the leading real estate development companies assigned the marke

07:53 GMT

Arab Insurance Group (Arig) today announced the creation of the first reinsurance company in the MENA region which is to be organised and operated in a fully Shari’a compliant manner - Takaful Re Limi

September 18, 2005

14:59 GMT

Bahrain's Minister of Commerce and Industry, Dr. Abdulla Fakhro will inaugurate later this week Public Opinion Center for Media Projects. The center w

08:39 GMT

Reflecting the positive investor sentiment that the US$750 million Al Areen project – currently under development in the Kingdom of Bahrain – is generating across the region, the Al Areen Holding Comp

07:32 GMT

Bahrain’s EDB (Economic Development Board) and the Oxford Business Group will jointly host the launching of the Kingdom’s new in-depth business guide

September 15, 2005

13:26 GMT

The Bahrain Monetary Agency and Bahrain Stock Exchange commissioned the World Bank to conduct a comprehensive study of the Kingdom’s Capital Market. The study will evaluate the current situation of B

07:24 GMT

Proceeds from a multi-million dinar project planned in Bahrain by a local society will be used to boost the health, education and living standards of the Palestinian people.

September 14, 2005

September 13, 2005

15:27 GMT

Bahraini and Yemeni sides led by Bahrain's Minister of Interior Lt. General Shaikh Rashid bin Abdullah Al Khalifa and Yemeni Minister Dr. Rashad Al Ol

15:15 GMT

The Kingdom of Bahrain is hosting the 39th meeting of Committee of Governors of Central Banks and Monetary Authorities in the GCC.

12:33 GMT

The Bahrain Monetary Agency (BMA) held an industry information session to provide guidance on the new insurance regulations contained in the Insurance

08:58 GMT

It is business as usual for Gulf Air, said James Hogan, president and chief executive, even though press reports have claimed that the emirate of Abu Dhabi is set to pull out of the airline.