September 19, 2005

14:48 GMT

In its role as National airline of the Kingdom of Bahrain, Gulf Air is continuing its support of major sporting, social, business and cultural events

08:25 GMT

Mr. Hatim Dadabhai, Managing Director of Pegasus Realty Company, announced that in cooperation with Dubai-based Pegasus Realty - one of the leading real estate development companies assigned the marke

07:53 GMT

Arab Insurance Group (Arig) today announced the creation of the first reinsurance company in the MENA region which is to be organised and operated in a fully Shari’a compliant manner - Takaful Re Limi

September 18, 2005

14:59 GMT

Bahrain's Minister of Commerce and Industry, Dr. Abdulla Fakhro will inaugurate later this week Public Opinion Center for Media Projects. The center w

08:39 GMT

Reflecting the positive investor sentiment that the US$750 million Al Areen project – currently under development in the Kingdom of Bahrain – is generating across the region, the Al Areen Holding Comp

07:32 GMT

Bahrain’s EDB (Economic Development Board) and the Oxford Business Group will jointly host the launching of the Kingdom’s new in-depth business guide

September 15, 2005

13:26 GMT

The Bahrain Monetary Agency and Bahrain Stock Exchange commissioned the World Bank to conduct a comprehensive study of the Kingdom’s Capital Market. The study will evaluate the current situation of B

07:24 GMT

Proceeds from a multi-million dinar project planned in Bahrain by a local society will be used to boost the health, education and living standards of the Palestinian people.

September 14, 2005

September 13, 2005

15:27 GMT

Bahraini and Yemeni sides led by Bahrain's Minister of Interior Lt. General Shaikh Rashid bin Abdullah Al Khalifa and Yemeni Minister Dr. Rashad Al Ol

15:15 GMT

The Kingdom of Bahrain is hosting the 39th meeting of Committee of Governors of Central Banks and Monetary Authorities in the GCC.

12:33 GMT

The Bahrain Monetary Agency (BMA) held an industry information session to provide guidance on the new insurance regulations contained in the Insurance