What will a Republican US president mean for the Middle East?

What will a Republican US president mean for the Middle East?
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Sarah (not verified) Sun, 09/23/2012 - 19:47

We know Romney considers Jerusalem to be the capital of Israel,"?
If one inspects the Mormon position on the Israeli/non-Israeli conflict of Palestine it is noticeable that one of the Mormon church's favorite phrases is that, '...it doesn't take sides." Then what is Mitt Romney doing overseas advocating for an Israel let alone a 'Jewish state'?
Latter Day President Howard W. Hunter on the subject: “We do not need to apologize nor mitigate any of the prophecies concerning the Holy Land. We believe them and declare them to be true. But this does not give us justification to dogmatically pronounce that others of our Father’s children are not children of promise. … Both the Jews and the Arabs are children of our Father. They are both children of promise, and as a church we do not take sides. We have love for and an interest in each.” (Devotional speech BYU 1979)
Mitt Romney is conducting a violation of Mormon creed by being Israel's subservient gentile and advocating a pre-emptive strike against anybody on behalf of a fictitious Zion, or insisting a 'Jewish state' to be the case. Ryan, his VP is catholic. Catholics aren't Choosen People/Promised land beholders.

Matt McL (not verified) Mon, 08/13/2012 - 02:01

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