Shiite Iranian President prays in Sunni Al Azhar Mosque

Shiite Iranian President prays in Sunni Al Azhar Mosque
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Must say I've been really eonjying your cartoons lately Yaakov.By the way, seems Stan doesn't know how to convey respect for the dead (Link that was above). Seems Stan would rather treat the dead as props for a propaganda website. Just like to unfortunately assure you we have similar victims, Its just we respect the dignity of Life, even in death and would never resort to the pathetic way Stan is displaying victims. Maybe you like to aquaint yourself to the medical photos of Israeli victims sprayed by 20,000 ballbearings when one of your 'Martyrs' decides to go shopping at a Israeli shopping centre, then decide they need to go to Hell? You can find them, its just its hard, and they are treated with dignity. Something which people like yourself Stan will never understand.Hey Stan, in a moment of introspection, did you ever think Wow, I should campaign to get the Israeli Hostages freed, then this would all stop?

Albina (not verified) Wed, 07/16/2014 - 21:45

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