Watch the Top Five goals from the first round of the World Cup

Watch the Top Five goals from the first round of the World Cup
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Israel kills the children and thppeoele in GazaIsrael bombs UN centers, hospitalsand schools.and the world keep silent.Zionists are criminalsThe world without Israel would bebetter >> believe me.

Isidro (not verified) Thu, 07/17/2014 - 00:54

in any side, in any form of propaganda. And don't tell me about the ofciaifl elections... We both know here again.Blinkers go with all cultures and their conditioning, not only with Islam. Spanish Inquisitors, Hitler Youth, Kamikazes, Enola Gay pilots weren't Muslim. In Yugoslavia, Muslims suffered more form Christian atrocities than the opposite (if a comparison can ever be made); same deal in 1982 in Sabra et Chatila.Peter, in spite of my respect and friendship for you, I think your posts are voluntarily (and disgustingly) ambiguous in their one-sided legitimation of Israel oppressive politics and its horrors. Contrarily to what Netanyahu suggests, whatever horrors one side is committing (be relieved I am not trying to justify Hamas and other fanatics' atrocities), legitimating the other side violent (and state-supported) response in legitimating an endless cycle.I wish to conclude with this very light anecdote. When I lived in New Zealand, one of my neighbour told us (to Pierre and myself) that he doesn't like us as we he doesn't trust any French ass since what happen to the Rainbow Warrior. Reality is that majority of French people hated what happened. We were deeply ashamed. But yes, we didn't show that much unfortunately.Hopefully when this gentleman told me that, I didn't thought that Kiwis were closed-minded. And I still don't, after they empty our house and finally “threw us” out ;-) Because I am only talking of a bunch of few people here. Not about 4 millions of human beings.

Ramon (not verified) Wed, 07/16/2014 - 10:54

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