Adding fuel to the fire? Understanding Kurdistan's oil game

Adding fuel to the fire? Understanding Kurdistan's oil game
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Sadly, those who highlight Israel as a sole supporter of Kurdistan are attempting to mislead the world opinion on the subject. A decentralised Iraq id what has been fixed in the Iraqi constitution and it is the main factor that has led to mis-governance of Iraq and hence all the current crises. The miss use and the abuse of power in Baghdad is certainly the cause of the troubles that have become the international and the civilised worlds problem. The old Iraq is and has always been a failed state and those who attempt to re-make it, they work for their own benefits and certainly not for the general public. Iraq as three confederal or independent states is already on the ground by the will of its people even taking the law of the jungle that ISIS is attempting to impose. The latter is nothing but a temporary wind that will go in no time but that separation will remain on the ground. How excellent would it be if these three confederal or independent states look after their own affairs and communicate with each other and the rest of the world on their goods and their will. Interference and self imposition have been the cause of all the troubles and no decent side should support its remake.

jamal (not verified) Mon, 08/18/2014 - 21:46

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