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“The recent fall in the oil price is also a warning that the region cannot be over-reliant on energy resources for GDP growth."
January 25, 2015 - 04:55 GMT
The proposed Arab Stabilisation Plan, ASP, would build a regional framework to promote infrastructure investment and create jobs.

December 4, 2012

Egypt's economy is in trouble over Morsi's presidential edict concerns investors
04:00 GMT

Egypt’s stocks plunges on Monday with the country’s political crisis still unfolding, as most analysts have predicted.

December 3, 2012

Main indicies on the Kuwaiti Stock Exchange were down on Monday
11:50 GMT

Kuwait's stock exchange was in the red during early trading on Monday, after a good run on Monday, following the national elections.

Jordan has announced the projects that will be funded with Saudi and GCC money
10:50 GMT

Following last weeks announcement that the GCC has granted $5 billion worth of financial aid to Jordan, the Hashemite Kingdom has which projects are to be funded by the money.

Tunisia and Algeria are discussing improving bilateral relations
08:44 GMT

Tunisia and Algeria are holding meetings to strengthen bilateral relations, with the Tunisian Prime Minister Hamadi Jebali heading a large delegation to Algiers.

Jordan's Prime Minister Abdullah Ensour has said the grant from the US will help support the treasury
05:30 GMT

Jordan's Prime Minister Abdullah Ensour said the $184 million US grant during 2012 will help support the Treasury.

December 2, 2012

Israel is to withhold tax revenues from Palestine
12:34 GMT

Israel has announced that it is to withhold taxes that it collects on for the Palestinian Authority in retaliation for the successful bid at the United Nations for non-observer status.

Stocks are recovering in Egypt after a week of turmoil
11:21 GMT

Stocks make small recovery during early trading on Sunday after suffering heavy losses last week due to political turmoil following President Morsi's constitutional declaration.

MoF Plants a Union Tree at its Headquarters in Abu Dhabi
06:08 GMT
(press release)

Ministry of Finance planted a Union Tree in front of the Ministry’s headquarters in Abu Dhabi.

Qatar will have the fastest growing economy in the GCC, according to Fitch Ratings
03:00 GMT

Qatar will remain the fastest growing of all GCC sovereigns in 2013, driven by the government’s huge capital investment programme, Fitch Ratings has forecast.

November 29, 2012

Officials in two Jordanian ministries are having their access to vehicles revoked under austerity measures
13:25 GMT

In Jordan, hundreds of government vehicles were taken from the employees of the ministries of water and irrigation and municipal affairs on Wednesday in an attempt to cut down public spending.

The Eurozone crisis could be good news for the GCC
12:35 GMT

The current Eurozone crisis gripping Europe could be good news for the Gulf Co-operation Council, as capital is diverted to the GCC as investors look for new and safer investment opportunities.

Saudi Arabia should have a large budget surplus, according to a leading economist
12:06 GMT

The recent pick-up in oil prices should leave the Saudi government with double-digit budget surplus over the 2012-2013 despite marked gains in expenditure, a leading economist has said.

German  financial support for Jordan to cope with Syrian refugees has passed $65 million
11:26 GMT

German support for Jordan to cope with the influx of Syrian refugees has exceeded 50 million euros ($65 million), according to a statement issued by the German embassy on Wednesday.

During the meeting
09:28 GMT

The Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s Legal Services department in association with Al Tamimi & Company, organised, “Business Licencing and Employment Workshop”.

Jordan's Prime Minister Abdullah Esnsour has announced that Saudi has offered $487 million to ease an economic crisis
09:19 GMT

Jordan's Prime Minister. Abdullah Ensour, has announced that Saudi Arabia has agreed to give the Hashemite Kingdom $487 million, to support finance and redevelopment.