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Tradition, cultural morays, and family expectations have been the primary constraints on women’s advancement in Egyptian society.
August 21, 2014 - 14:46 GMT
Egypt is a society, in which sexism is so ingrained in the economic, social, and political system that 50% of the population has, for the most part, been excluded.

August 20, 2013

Total state spending came in slightly below the initial plan of 178.6 billion riyals for the fiscal year that ended in March.
07:33 GMT

This is the first time that the government’s annual spending undershot its budget plan since 1990 – a sign of the difficulties which Qatar is having in pushing forward huge and complex infrastructure projects.

August 19, 2013

Department of Economic Development
11:58 GMT

Department of Economic Development has set up an External Relations section as part of reaching out to potential investors and enabling them to set up and expand their businesses in Dubai.

Department of Municipal Affairs
10:21 GMT

A Municipal delegation headed by Mr. Mohamed Hareb Al Ketbi paid a visit to the Municipality of Dubai during which he was briefed on land classification system in the emirate.

About 332 million Egyptian pounds ($48 million) of shares were traded, compared with a one-year daily average of 391 million pounds.
08:46 GMT

The stock market closed Aug. 15 in the first unscheduled shutdown since January 2011, when it suspended trading for almost two months.

August 18, 2013

No official statement has yet been issued evaluating the cost of damages and sector losses (Sources: Getty images).
15:33 GMT

The Daily News Egypt spoke to a number of Egyptian economists to explore how the economy will be affected by the recent political turmoil and resulting violence.

“Saudi inflation has eased over the course of this year, in spite of fairly robust domestic demand.
14:54 GMT

The banks appear to be in a healthy condition and the government’s fiscal position is strong enough that it can respond to any sharp deterioration in the economy by ramping up spending.

The 35 existing lounges on the Emirates network will be refurbished according to the new design in a phased plan during the next 18-24 months.
08:55 GMT

The 35 existing lounges on the Emirates network will be refurbished according to the new design in a phased plan during the next 18-24 months.

August 17, 2013

The UAE’s ‘building boom’ is having a positive effect on employment levels within the construction sector, as well as the industries that supply it.
21:03 GMT

Professional job opportunities across the United Arab Emirates increased by 6% between Q2 2012 and Q2 2013 according to a new survey by recruitment specialist Morgan McKinley.

August 15, 2013

Abraaj and BLG Capital will seek to capitalize on the under supply of institutional quality student accommodation and strong demand for higher education due to Turkey’s young and growing population and increasing household income.
20:24 GMT

There is a rapidly growing student accommodation in Turkey due to its booming young population and increased household income.

“Industrial estates will be built in Tafileh, Ajloun and Jerash, since these governorates are a priority because of the high rate of poverty and in light of their geographical location,” Minister of Industry, Trade and Supply Hatem Halawani said at the meeting.
08:10 GMT

It's time to steer the conventional investing mentality towards Jordan's underprivileged governorates. A new economic and social reform agenda is now at play in Jordan.

Dubai Chamber
05:51 GMT

Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry study states that the UAE is expected to pursue its diversification programme through large-scale investments in the manufacturing sector.

August 14, 2013

The 51-year-old Pakistani said his staff battled for two and a half hours to keep the blaze away by using fire extinguishers and water hoses.
13:22 GMT

Monday’s blaze also tore through three yards in Industrial Area five before it was contained eight hours later, an official said.

 Beirut swapped spots with Abu Dhabi as the most expensive Arab city in the region, while Jeddah (186) in Saudi Arabia continues to offer the cheapest cost of living for expats.
07:21 GMT

A survey looks at 214 cities across five continents and judges over 200 factors in each location, including transport, food, clothing, household goods and entertainment. Housing often accounts for the biggest expense for expatriates and is thus a decisive item behind the results.

August 13, 2013

GCC sovereign funds accounted for 32.6 percent of the global SWF assets valued at $5.2 trillion
13:35 GMT

Saudi Arabia ranks top in the volume of assets of sovereign wealth funds (SWFs) among the GCC countries at $641 billion.

According to the latest world investment report released by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), Iran absorbed nearly 5 billion dollars worth of foreign investment in 2012, which is 17 per cent more than 2011.
12:26 GMT

The nominee for the post of industry minister reported that Iran needs annual domestic and foreign investment of about $300 billion until 2015. Would such a target be attainable?