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A happy worker is a hard worker: Investing in employees means they'll do a better job (File/AFP)
August 26, 2014 - 09:09 GMT
While the UAE's GDP growth rate is above five percent, more job opportunities are emerging. This is why it is vital to keep employees happy.

March 12, 2013

During the event
07:05 GMT
(press release)

16 learners from 5 GEMS schools in the UAE have today, received prestigious awards to acknowledge their outstanding performance in the 2012 University of Cambridge International examinations.

During the event
04:47 GMT

Qatar National Research Fund recently conducted a series of workshops for teachers about its Secondary School Research Experience Program, drawing attendees from secondary schools across Qatar.

March 11, 2013

Graduates in the UAE prefer the public over the private sector when looking for their first job
13:17 GMT

New Emirati graduates overwhelmingly prefer to work in the public sector where salaries are substantially higher than at private firms.

Eton Institute
09:11 GMT

Eton Institute is giving language enthusiasts in Abu Dhabi a chance to experience two of the most fascinating languages and cultures of the world and that too for free.

During the event
08:54 GMT
(press release)

Affirming an institutional commitment to the philosophy of ‘global knowledge with local vision,’ the Management Information Systems (MIS) Department at ALHOSN University

March 10, 2013

C Street Brass
10:57 GMT

Having played concerts from the Atlantic Ocean to the Caspian Sea, the C Street Brass ensemble from the Carnegie Mellon School of Music has dazzled audiences all over the world.

Public sector workers are gearing up for another rally over a proposed pay increase
10:21 GMT

Civil servants and public school teachers in Lebanon are gearing up for more demonstrations on Tuesday over the long-debated public sector pay scale.

Tasmeem Doha 2013
05:46 GMT

Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar invites the public to participate in its biennial international design conference Tasmeem Doha 2013.

Qatar Foundation
04:43 GMT

The Research Center for Islamic Legislation and Ethics(CILE) will be holding a high-level international conference entitled ‘Arts and Politics from an Islamic Perspective: Critical Questions’.

Particpants at a workshop during the International Womens Day event at INSEAD Abu Dhabi Campus
04:40 GMT
(press release)

INSEAD, the leading international business school, celebrated International Women’s Day 2013 with a seminar at its Abu Dhabi campus entitled ‘Inspire, Impact, Empower’.

March 7, 2013

UD students at UD's Job Fair last year
09:16 GMT
(press release)

The University of Dubai (UD) is expecting to see hundreds of its students and alumni come to the Clover Hotel in Deira on March 12 to visit 25 of some of Dubai’s top companies.

Benazir Karim and Nazneen Zahan
04:48 GMT

Three alumni from Northwestern University in Qatar are putting their unique knowledge and skills to work at the new Qatar TV (QTV), recently re-launched with a modern look and freshcontent.

March 6, 2013

A new report reveals that many in Jordan are not being paid the minimum wage
11:44 GMT

A significant number of workers in Jordan are paid less than the minimum wage, with some earning just $141 a month, a government department reported on Tuesday,

Teachers and civil servants continue walk out over pay (Photo: Daily Star)
10:35 GMT

Thousands of strikers continue their protest over wages in Beirut

Eton Institute
08:12 GMT

Popularly known as ‘Eton Day’ among its followers, Eton Institute’s anniversary is a fun filled and joyous occasion.