Egyptian media outlets on strike

Egyptian media outlets on strike
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Would it be smarter for Egypt to not have a president at all? Data seems to indicate that nations without an empowered president deliver better for all people in a nation.

Many European nations, but also Tunesia and Libya, do not have an empowered president. Some nations have non-empowered kings, while others have non-empowered presidents, such as Germany, for instance, where the president is chosen by the elected representatives for ten years. The function is mainly administrative, keeping an eye on everyone if they are playing by the democratic rules.

Not having presidential elections has another benefit: Civil wars can be avoided because everyone is represented by their representatives instead of having a single-most powerful person sit in a single-highest seat that leaves close to half of the population without any say at that level.

Many nations only have a prime-minister, also not elected and only based on the overall outcome. The prime-minister is provided by the party with the most votes.

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