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June 26, 2014

The curse theorists argue that such projects are typically the result of a combination of one-upmanship and the availability of easy money, which indicates a systemic problem
12:23 GMT
Proponents of the curse believe that each time someone somewhere builds a tower taller than the existing tallest, it is an omen pointing to an impending crisis.

June 25, 2014

“Funds are hidden. Clauses are lumped together so that you vote on an item that is justified and then they slip it in,” he added.
17:10 GMT
Unpublished official data reviewed by Reuters suggests state spending on settlers rose by a third after Netanyahu took office in 2009 and critics complain that the cost of settlements has long remained hidden in thickets of budgetary convolution.
People rarely go to look for a dentist unless they already have a problem
12:29 GMT
The short answer is exactly the same if we ask ‘Does everyone need a dentist?’ No, but you are probably better off with professional help than without it.
At the NSSF, uneasiness and anxiety prevail as it became evident that there is widespread corruption at social security offices.
04:55 GMT
Is it a matter of corruption or waste at the NSSF? The public prosecution of the Audit Bureau will have the answer soon, after its investigations of two issues - forging quittances and travel to Geneva - are over.

June 24, 2014

“Most of the end users are Lebanese, so a lot of expats are buying properties for their families here as well and not just for themselves,” he added.Stephan pointed out that most investors and buyers are Lebanese expats, stressing the absence of Gulf demand for real estate in the market.
23:15 GMT
Leading real estate developers revealed a trend toward downsizing apartment space Tuesday, expressing optimism over the continued success of the real estate market despite security tensions.
Cheques worth 2.23 billion bounced in the first three first months of this year.
23:07 GMT
The long-standing practice of borrowers issuing blank cheques to lenders as guarantee of payment is one of the reasons people end up in prison, Dubai Police said on Tuesday.
Brent crude, US gasoline prices, Turkish fuel networks, Chinese, Russian, French and British oil concessions are all at risk if Iraq’s civil war escalates into a regional war.
04:55 GMT
The wars for Iraq’s fabulous oil wealth has led to American invasions, massacres, the brutal Baathist dictatorship, sanctions, ethnic war, conflicts with Iran, Kuwait, Turkey and the US.
Recruiters who spoke to Gulf News agreed that Filipino maids are the most in demand because they speak English, are hard workers and “don’t cause too much trouble”
04:55 GMT
The move has led to a shortage of maids from the Philippines, which imposes strict measures in maid deployment
Typically, institutional investors are restricted to investing in developed and emerging markets, so the reclassification highlights the entry of a new class of investors into the domestic market.
00:39 GMT
This reclassification decision had been three years in the offing before the announcement was made on June 12 last year.

June 23, 2014

Egypt’s newly appointed investment minister Ashraf Salman said he targets $10 billion in foreign direct investment (FDI) for the coming fiscal year and $14 billion in three years.
04:55 GMT
Sisi’s Gulf Arab allies have sent billions of dollars in aid to Egypt after Mursi’s fall which analysts said had saved Egypt from bankruptcy.

June 22, 2014

While many other groups have only appeared in the last year or two, Weekend Trips has been around for five years and still stands out from all the others that came later.
18:39 GMT
El-Decken's group – and other like it – won't replace the value of the main tourism sector, but they are growing and attracting more locals and foreigners every day
In order to have a proper roadmap for regional prosperity, the GCC is committed to achieve deeper economic integration and expand trade with other blocs for its benefit
18:23 GMT
he ever more rising status of the GCC, and the role of their sovereign wealth funds in economies affected by the repercussions of the global financial breakdown, has led to GCC states becoming more assertive in their relations with the EU.
Demand is growing both as a result of strong Asian economic growth and the switch to cleaner energy, particularly in China.
11:38 GMT
As the largest exporter in the world, Qatar is likely to benefit from higher LNG prices, resulting in large current account surpluses for years to come, it added.
Escalating conflict in Iraq is making holders of the country's international debt nervous about whether they will get repaid.
04:55 GMT
Iraq had been a popular play with some frontier investors because of the oil producer's low debt and high foreign reserves. But the unrest changes that.

June 21, 2014

“The idea is to put fear in these migrant workers. No one speaks up and everyone works as a robot,” he said. “The migrant workers have built these countries and for them to be treated this way is just obscene.”
00:18 GMT
Despite initiatives like the midday work ban, Gulf countries resisted voting in support of the new international standards to prevent forced labor.