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March 3, 2014

The DFM General Index declined 0.86 per cent this week (File Archive)
10:16 GMT
Dubai stocks have edged even lower this week after "four-day rally" of investor profits. So what is the reason for the downturn?!
Since the financial crisis, capital and liquidity support from GCC and Levant regulators has helped keep the banking sector relatively strong
08:55 GMT
GCC banks must better manage their capital and liquidity positions or face substantial shortfalls, according to a recent study by Booz & Company.
Total hotel revenues climbed 22 per cent to Dh522 million
07:55 GMT
Around 277,000 guests checked into Abu Dhabi’s 149 hotels and hotel apartments in January this year, marking a 36 per cent increase on January 2013.
On the working hours, the survey said the average weekly working hours totaled 49.1 hours with the figure differing according to the vocation or economic activity.
03:55 GMT
The five factors standing in the way of Saudis thinking of taking up employment in the private sector were revealed in a recent research and survey conducted by the Central Department of Statistics and Information (CDSI).

March 2, 2014

During 2009-2011, capital flows were intensively targeting emerging markets, with the advanced economies reducing their interest rates to unprecedentedly low levels and with the quantitative easing experiment gaining wider support from central bankers.
21:49 GMT
It seems we are witnessing an inflection toward a cycle of rising interest rates that will last for a couple of years, with tighter monetary policy gaining traction.
The wealth management division of the bank said that Egypt’s $3.7bn in external debt obligations in 2H14 cannot be served without pressuring foreign reserves.
19:03 GMT
A presidential bid by General Al-Sisi would be “market-friendly” in the near future; however, assistance from the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) will still be needed for maintain macro stability, says Merrille Lynch.
U.S. ambassador to Lebanon told businessmen in Beirut this week that U.S. imports of Lebanese goods have increased 28 percent in past five years (Courtesy of the Daily Star)
12:26 GMT
U.S. imports of Lebanese goods has increased 28 percent since 2009 representing a total of more than $64 million in 2013 alone.
Oman can no longer afford to sit on its past laurels and hope natural resources will continue to support it indefinitely
08:18 GMT
The news that Oman will produce a steady production of 750,000 barrels a day of oil for the next ten years is highlighting the challenges facing the economy on a long-term prospect.
The most common type of economic crime reported in the Middle East was asset misappropriation.
03:55 GMT
“Economic crime in the region still continues to be a significant threat, affecting large and small organisations,” said Wilkinson.
The majority of MENA countries impose foreign ownership restrictions which typically cap foreign ownership at 49 per cent in various sectors (although there are notable exceptions, such as free zones).
03:55 GMT
Although confidence in the region is high, MENA’s private equity sector faces challenges in the structuring of investments due to gaps in the region’s legal and regulatory frameworks. However, there are still plenty of opportunities.

February 28, 2014

At the same time the government is looking to ease restrictions on mortgages, it is also stepping up its efforts to supply more low-cost housing.
00:33 GMT
A February report saying that some 500,000 units have been built without government consent over the past three years.
Seats are limited to 12 guests and all proceeds will be going to the ‘Eat and Feed’ initiative in support of WFP.
00:25 GMT
The High Table dinner starts with a warm Arabian welcome and exclusive reception on the lower helipad deck.

February 27, 2014

The Saudis are sitting over huge investible funds worth almost $500 billion and India figures on top of the Kingdom’s investment list
09:55 GMT
Saudi Arabia is one of the most important countries when one talks about New Delhi’s unstated policy of Looking Mid-West.
Clothing imports to the UAE exceeded $960 million last year (Shutterstock)
08:59 GMT
UAE clothing imports were worth $960 million in 2013, and the Emirates is forecasted to lead the industry in the upcoming years.
Increasing number of car bombs have destroyed Lebanon's tourism sector (File Archive/AFP)
08:34 GMT
In a dire economic outlook for Lebanon, Economy Minister Alain Hakim is telling Beirut to increase consumption to help revive the country's struggling economy.