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June 18, 2014

 Nine ministers from the old cabinet were reappointed in their positions, maintaining ongoing projects within the ministry.
04:55 GMT
With the Egyptian Cabinet sworn in earlyTuesday, many of the economic team remained familiar.

June 17, 2014

Iran's re-entry presented an opportunity to improve security of supply and for oil and gas service companies to develop significant opportunities.
14:33 GMT
Oil and gas companies must safeguard against bribery and sanctions risks as they prepare for re-entry into the Iranian energy industry later this month, according to top industry regulators.
Of those not actively looking for a new job but open to opportunities, 19 per cent say it is their relationship with a line manager that keeps them satisfied
12:02 GMT
When asked about their employer of choice, just over a third of respondents (34 per cent) said they didn’t have one
The current crisis is far more serious since it threatens Iraq’s oil production and very existence as a state.
04:55 GMT
The current crisis is far more serious since it threatens Iraq’s oil production and very existence as a state.

June 16, 2014

“Such a huge increase in lending is simply not consistent with economic order and stable asset prices. The time for policy action is now, before bubbles really get going, not when they are already in place.”
22:12 GMT
“Keep calm. There’s no bubble”, proclaimed a giant poster on a 40-storey building overlooking a Dubai highway, advertising a property finding portal late last year.
As  the world turns its attention towards Sao Paul, the Arab failure in regularly reaching, let alone ever winning, this championship is something worth reflecting upon
04:55 GMT
There is no reason for a nation to perform well in football when it is suffering from an institutional failure in every other sector.

June 15, 2014

He pointed out that it is time to amend legislation that impedes investment, productivity, and diversity, and he stressed the presence of the bank liquidity necessary for financing new and existing projects.
19:24 GMT
Bureaucracy, complicated investment legislation, and administration corruption are the main stumbling blocks to economic reform.
avenues to keep their assets secure.Citizenship schemes demand anything from $100,000 per individual, in the case of Dominica in the Caribbean, to up to five million Euros, in the case of Cyprus.
03:55 GMT
The region’s wealthy population witnessed the largest growth in the world last year, increasing by 15.3 per cent to 5,300.
Insurance companies do not offer the basic health package costing Dh600 to individuals as it is not profitable to cover one person separately, insurance company representatives said.
03:55 GMT
Many expatriates suffer from lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, obesity and heart disease. Many wait until their annual vacations to avail of cheaper health-care services and medicines back home.

June 12, 2014

According to Robert Half’s analysis, this accounts for successful teams in the corporate world as well.
16:56 GMT
With the World Cup just days away, new global research shows that watching the big match with colleagues is beneficial, leading to increased camaraderie and team spirit in the workplace.
"Earnings of companies listed in Saudi Arabia will be driven primarily by government spending and increased personal consumption."
11:21 GMT
The Saudi government embarked upon an aggressive 10-year spending program five years ago.

June 11, 2014

The top spending categories for the youth in Saudi include out-of- home dining, fashion and gifting, while the young consumers in Egypt place more value on dressing up and eating out.
14:38 GMT
Businesses in the region have the potential to increase their bottom lines by tapping into the younger Arab generation that are now undergoing a transformation and aspiring to make lives better.
Israelis and Diaspora Jews have known for years that Dubai is a tax haven, and some of them have concealed money there.
13:56 GMT
With the end of banking confidentiality, many Israelis are fleeing the long arm of the Israel Tax Authority to the tax haven of Dubai, which has no bank reporting.
In January of this year, the Iraqi federal government cut the KRG's 17 percent share of the national budget after it opened a separate pipeline connecting to Ceyhan that bypassed Baghdad.
04:55 GMT
Baghdad repeated that it would sue the Turkish government and that the Turkish state owned pipeline operator Botas for facilitating the sale of the crude
 China only buys 4.4 per cent if its exports, although it still represents three times the share in 2003, which was 1.4 per cent.
04:55 GMT
Trade flows are an excellent proxy to measure the dynamics of the Sino-Gulf connection and the most recent data on exports and imports released by GCC countries confirm that the connection is growing stronger very rapidly.