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May 16, 2014

By 2012, 85 percent of Egyptian adults viewed entrepreneurship is a desired career choice and 42 percent expressed their intentions to start a business in the future.
01:21 GMT
To have the impact on economy, it is not enough to meet a quota of new businesses launched. What makes a difference is having an economic environment that fosters innovation and business growth.
Experts say poor oversight from regulators, a weak health and safety culture and an uneducated and unorganized workforce have contributed to making Turkey a particularly dangerous country in which to be a miner
00:57 GMT
The mining disaster that killed more than 200 workers in Turkey has underscored the health and safety problems in the country's mining sector.

May 15, 2014

Looking ahead to the next five years, there are some interesting projects covering niche sub-sectors such as industrial construction and renewable power generation.
16:38 GMT
Opportunities for firms are expected to exceed a record Dh22 billion ($6 billion) once new construction, water, power, roads and environment projects already slated for award between now and 2018 are added.
The Emirates Institution for Advanced Science and Technology, also known as EIAST, is on track to build the first Arab-made satellite — expected to be in the Earth’s orbit by 2017, its senior official says.
15:02 GMT
“The first two projects namely Dubai Sat-1 and Dubai Sat-2 were developed outside the country. But Khalifa Sat will be completely developed in the country."
“The significant power shift in the beauty sector toward emerging markets is still on track, and this region is at the forefront of big spenders on beauty and personal care products.”
03:55 GMT
In fragrances alone, people in the UAE spent $156 each, on average, during 2013 – the third highest mark in the world.

May 14, 2014

The amount of respect we show to authority is deeply rooted in the culture we are raised in.
23:12 GMT
Whether you feel the best boss is more of a facilitator among equals or a director who leads from the front, to succeed in international business you need the flexibility to adapt your style to your cultural context.
Having a hobby such as painting, writing, singing or fishing helps you do better at work, psychologists say.
12:02 GMT
The study found that creative activities, in particular, help workers recover from the demands of their job by relaxing them, increasing their sense of control, and challenging them to learn new skills that can be transferred back into the workplace
The partial application of the customs union contributed effectively to increased volume of inter-GCC trade, which were up threefold to $100 billion (Dh367 billion) in 2012 compared to $32 billion in 2005.
11:44 GMT
The six Gulf states had agreed on partial implementation of the customs union in January 2003, but there were multiple delays when it came to resolving some of the hurdles that got in the way for full integratio
The OECD report stated that these shortcomings can be found in the protection of intellectual rights, guarantees against expropriation, rules regarding national treatment and the conduct of international arbitration, along with several other issues.
00:06 GMT
Legislative changes and adaptation of international instruments were some of the recommendations made by OECD.

May 13, 2014

he rise in hotel deal volumes, with new Gulf/Asian sovereign wealth funds eager buyers for luxury hotel assets, is hugely bullish for shares, especially if the Paris and Hong Kong Intercons go on the block, as they surely will.
23:39 GMT
Las Vegas, Macau, London, San Fran, Dubai and Hong Kong are hot, meaning luxury hotels once again have pricing power.
The crimea/ukraine crisis is as fundamental a milestone in the international energy market as the US invasion of Iraq or the Nato air war that toppled Colonel Gaddafi’s dictatorship in Libya.
22:56 GMT
Qatar, the leading natural gas producer in the Arab world, can supply natural gas to countries like Turkey, Italy, Poland and Hungary, where dependency on Russian gas imports is now perceived as a threat to national security.
According to Knight Frank, property prices in Dubai climbed 35 per cent in 2013, fuelling worries of another price bubble.
19:56 GMT
The price escalation in 2013, which is four times the annual salary hikes, means that the UAE property is slowly approaching affordability limit.
"Military ties between Iran and Sudan have grown strong over the years," said the Small Arms Survey, a Swiss-based independent research group.
01:13 GMT
Evidence suggests Iran has played a key role in supporting war-torn Sudan's weapons production and that Tehran has also been Khartoum’s second-biggest supplier of arms, a study said Monday.

May 12, 2014

“ Lebanon should develop local content policies to provide further value-added beyond the direct contribution of the oil and gas sector to the economy by linking it to other sectors,” Hamdan said.
07:55 GMT
An emerging oil and gas industry would help Lebanon reduce its unemployment rates, which reach as high as 34 percent among the youth