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August 17, 2014

The most commonly used measures of development and national performance in an economy have traditionally been Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and associated indicators.
21:13 GMT
Many resource-rich countries in the region do not perform as well on social and environmental indicators when compared to countries of similar per capital wealth.
Former president Hosni Mubarak launched national projects, but they were not completed because of a lack of political will.
11:31 GMT
Tawfik does not see in the Suez Canal project a “new Toshka,” though he does believe financial and economic studies are necessary to ensure this.
Activity is dominated by about 4.3 million retail investors who buy stocks straight from the market rather than going through professional fund managers.
10:44 GMT
Saudi Arabia is one of the last major markets in the world to open up, so the reform is attracting massive interest among international fund managers
The IEA is worried that an uncertain investment climate in oil-exporting Middle Eastern countries may lead to a two million bpd shortfall and a $15 per barrel jump in oil prices by 2025.
04:55 GMT
Forget North America’s shale revolution, the world needs Middle East oil for long-term sustainability and to quench growing global demand for fossil fuels.

August 14, 2014

On the other hand, if your money is making good returns, you might prefer to get a loan and leave your savings to work for you
22:27 GMT
Now, how to pay for your new ride… Do you have enough money to pay for your vehicle in full? Does that wipe out your savings? Would it be better, instead, to hold on to your money and take out a loan paid over several years?
Several EU countries have warned companies about doing business with Israeli firms based in or having links to settlements,
16:08 GMT
"The corporate sector is screaming for stimulus... There's more cautious international investor sentiment towards Israel."
The Isis’ Caliphate threatens not only the governments of Iraq and Syria but also threatens Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and the Kurds
12:46 GMT
The self-declared Caliphate led by Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi now covers a land area greater than Britain and a population of over six million in Syria and Iraq.
The Fitch statement from Monday -- which some observers interpreted as fairly balanced -- warned that the Turkish economy is not immune from political risks.
04:55 GMT
Economy Minister Nihat Zeybekçi responded harshly to a statement from global ratings agency Fitch via tweets that he posted on Tuesday morning, adding a new statement to a number of previous criticisms from the government regarding international rating agencies.

August 13, 2014

After nearly three years of waiting, many Saudis have become disillusioned from this ministry that promised so much but delivered so little.
20:23 GMT
A rising gap between what is available on the market and what most Saudis can afford has left many frustrated home-seekers on the edge
Banks in the Arab Mediterranean region will continue to encounter turbulent and challenging operating conditions in 2014-2015.
19:20 GMT
S&P said its ratings on Arab Mediterranean banks have been dragged down since the end of 2010 by the deteriorating creditworthiness of their respective sovereigns/
The change has been triggered by the new breed of worker, #GenMobile, who are putting mobility at the centre of their working and personal lives, he said.
19:08 GMT
Technologies are disrupting the traditional work patterns in the Middle East to such a degree that soon the term ‘office’ will become obsolete, according to an expert.
It added that Lebanon could have started the drilling work by late next year if the government had approved the decrees.
04:55 GMT
The EIU pointed out that Lebanon was lagging behind other neighboring countries in the Levant Basin in this process, and Israel was already reaching the phase of monetizing its gas reserves.

August 12, 2014

A clutch of new non-Muslim countries - Australia, Hong Kong, Philippines and Sri Lanka - join the UK as Islamic finance gains visibility and recognition outside the Muslim world.
15:08 GMT
Malaysia, UAE, UK attract most conferences, intensified battles to be world’s Islamic finance hub.
ISC defines international schools as those that deliver a curriculum to any combination of infant, primary or secondary students, wholly or partly in English outside an English-speaking country,
13:04 GMT
The expansion of international schools in the Gulf region continues, registering the second fastest growth rate in the world and now has 982 international schools in the region.

August 11, 2014

Israeli bombardment has left parts of Gaza in ruins and the enclave's already shattered economy is also feeling the pinch as prices for staple foods have started to climb.
00:33 GMT
Mahir Al Tabaa, head of the Gaza chamber of commerce and industry, agreed the conflict had caused "huge and long term indirect losses" for the economy.