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October 27, 2014

People are expressing greater interest in harmonising their living spaces, resulting in clutter-free, clean spaces with good quality air and light.
19:27 GMT
Employees’ health and wellbeing is a focus for businesses now more than ever, with architects and designers focusing on maximising access to natural light and clean air.
The government has continued to increase investment in the emirate, besides steps to attract foreign direct investments.
18:14 GMT
Dubai’s economy from 1975 through 2008 grew by a factor of 11, making it the fastest-growing economy in the world over the period.
Advanced attackers and the APT are savvy, sophisticated, well-educated, and often well-funded.
17:30 GMT
Advanced attackers and the APT don’t just go after military secrets and big ticket items like KFC’s secret recipe.
Domestic tourism has grown significantly of late, spending in this sector soaring from SR59 billion in 2010 to SR103 billion in 2014.
16:47 GMT
In fact, Saudi Arabia has everything to win the hearts of even the most discriminating foreign traveler
One of the main problems facing expatriates working in the private sector in the Kingdom is receiving their monthly salary on time.
04:55 GMT
Most expats depend on receiving their salaries on time so they can send remittances to their families back home.

October 26, 2014

These large differences will be translated in Lebanon – as a result of current draft laws – to losses much higher than the $14 billion resulting from the discounts in royalties.
14:20 GMT
While confidentiality is a normal clause in commercial contracts, it is not comprehensible in the context of laws and regulations related to the exploitation of a national resource.
With markets faltering, most Gulf Arab crude producers today however, can bank upon the cushion of significant reserves
13:57 GMT
The next OPEC meeting in Vienna on November 27 will be crucial in many ways. Eyes are focused on it.
The economy is on the brink of recession, and inflation is negative.
12:40 GMT
In the absence of any real fiscal policy, the Bank of Israel is being forced to bear the brunt alone,
After splashing out on medical infrastructure over the past years, Dubai already ranks globally and aims to move up the list of top international destinations for medical tourism.
04:55 GMT
Where cosmopolitan Beirut was once the region's best known city for going under the knife, Dubai aims to lead the region in nips and tucks.
“We are used to a gap in time between promises and the actual funding,” Gomaa said.
01:49 GMT
Ever since the conference hosted in Cairo on 12 October for the reconstruction of Gaza managed to garner $5.4bn of pledged aid, a looming question has imposed itself.

October 23, 2014

Conversions of conventional banks into Islamic ones are rare but not unprecedented.
17:41 GMT
The Council of Senior Scholars, said investing in NCB's share offer was not permissible because too much of its business was non-Islamic.
A lack of coordination on air traffic control among GCC states has been blamed for the region’s increasing congestion problems.
04:55 GMT
Failure to solve the GCC’s airspace congestion issues will negatively impact the Dubai economy.

October 22, 2014

People often – also because of the economic crisis – prefer to buy a single device which acts both as smartphone and a bit as a small tablet.
04:55 GMT
The tablet world has a newcomer in the form of Apple’s new iPad Air 2, which includes a fingerprint sensor to provide increased personal security
The housing challenges in the region are profound.
04:55 GMT
The young demographic structure of the GCC region is creating a surge in demand for housing.

October 21, 2014

Fuel prices in Jordan are “expensive” and do not match the average income of the majority of people, Majali said.
22:47 GMT
The drop in international oil prices is good news for Jordanians, if it is reflected “fairly” on domestic fuel prices.