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February 17, 2014

As Saudi Arabia’s influence over the Persian Gulf further erodes, the Kingdom must continue to invest in projects that diversify its revenues and resources.
03:28 GMT
Saudi Arabia continues to find itself pitted against Iran, both on the battlefield in Syria and at economic conferences in Davos.

February 16, 2014

he IMF made a comparative study with other developed countries, and found that the chances of a crash in Israel's home prices is over 20%, and therefore, "cannot be ignored.
21:48 GMT
The IMF reports says that home prices are now 25% above their equilibrium value, after rising 80% in the past six years since 2007.
Russia currently runs a current account surplus. There’s an enviable $90 billion in a reserve account.
21:35 GMT
There is a very strong parallel between the economic outlook for Russia and the GCC Oil States.
Many banks in Lebanon benefited from the Central Bank's support in meeting their reserve requirements over the course of 2013 (Courtesy of The Daily Star)
10:51 GMT
Lebanese banks made an estimated profit of $1.6 billion in 2013, but where is the money coming from?
Pan-Arab advertising outlets claimed the largest market share of the advertising industry in 2013 (File Archive)
09:15 GMT
ArabAd Magazine reported this week that advertising spending in the Middle East has dropped approximately $100 million over the past year. Is this the start of a larger decline in the MENA's advert industry?
Last year, Maaden inaugurated a second major development, a $10.8 billion aluminium joint venture with US-based Alcoa
07:28 GMT
Billboards on the highway outside Turaif, a remote desert town in the far north of Saudi Arabia, foretell a glittering future of glass offices and palm-shaded residential streets.
The city's officials want Dubai to evolve into a hub of creativity that attracts the region’s best designers.
03:55 GMT
In the Middle East, Dubai is the powerhouse, raking in almost half of the region’s market share of retail spending.

February 14, 2014

Another way of verifying the skill sets that others are also touting is to seek out endorsements or recommendations from reputable sources.
08:49 GMT
With over 277 million members worldwide – 10 million in the MENA region – LinkedIn is a social media giant.
Corporate power in Israel is more closely concentrated than almost anywhere else in the developed world, with the 10 largest groups.
08:40 GMT
Corporate power in Israel is more closely concentrated than almost anywhere else in the developed world, with the 10 largest groups controlling 41 per cent of the $200 billion-plus value of the 495 companies on the Israeli bourse.

February 13, 2014

Robots will also be responsible for the loss of 50 percent of the jobs in the service sector in 10 years
10:55 GMT
Artificial intelligence and robots are expected to replace humans in the next 10 years.
Based on an oil price, Kuwait could generate a budget surplus of around KD12 billion ($31.65 billion) in 2013/14 fiscal year
07:55 GMT
As per the preliminary budget, Kuwait's spending for the next fiscal year is likely to hit KD21.9 billion ($57.7 billion) on an oil price of between $103 and $105 barrel per day (bpd).
The pharmaceutical industry is expected to experience sustainable growth in the medium to long term. Saudi Arabia is expected to maintain its position as the largest pharmaceutical market within the Gulf in the foreseeable future.
03:55 GMT
To attract foreign investments into the pharmaceutical sector, governments across the region should engage with the multinational companies and effectively communicate their plans of encouraging private sector involvement in the regio
Tehran's Fars news agency quoted Moscow's Iranian ambassador as saying on Saturday that the latest terms of the proposed deal would see Russia build Iran railroads in exchange for oil.
03:55 GMT
Russia's economy chief on Wednesday announced plans to visit Iran amid reports of the two sides nearing a mammoth oil-for-goods deal that has raised consternation in the United States.

February 12, 2014

The waste and underutilisation of female human capital and capacity is a major drag on the performance and growth prospects of Arab economies.
17:22 GMT
Arab economies could achieve a near doubling in growth rates if women participated at similar rates as men.
Mobile [use] is going to become more than PC in 2014
10:55 GMT
Despite political and economic turmoil, Internet users in Lebanon and throughout the Levant remain active and engaged in the digital world, particularly on mobile devices.