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March 14, 2013

Lebanese authorities would now begin giving high priority to Egyptian products entering the Lebanese market
07:50 GMT
Ali Hassan Khalil, Lebanon’s health minister, stated recently that Egyptian medical products would be given a high priority within the Lebanese market.
Lebanon’s agriculture sector seemed to be heading for a new phase of development after 20 years
07:33 GMT
Already struggling with limited water resources and land degradation, farmers in Lebanon are likely to face additional challenges coping with the effects of climate change.
In an increasingly volatile global market, uninterrupted supply of energy is crucial to power homes, offices, businesses and industries
07:27 GMT
The UAE, a major player in the global energy market, is investing heavily to ensure that there is enough oil to power Asia’s major economies.

March 13, 2013

Public feels the burden of the general strike
11:22 GMT
Since public sector workers started industrial action over the long running debate over a proposed pay increase, Lebanese citizens have faced difficulty in accessing government services.
If Syrian Kurds manage to obtain autonomy, they may be able to develop “a kind of independence similar to Iraq
11:21 GMT
With fighting continuing across Syria in the run up the the second anniversary, Syrian Kurds are hoping to find more lucrative oil reserves.
The country's fixed drug-pricing system, is seen as a main reason for the shortages.
10:50 GMT
Industry insiders attribute recent shortages of several vital pharmaceutical products to Egypt's stringent system of price controls coupled with recent devaluation of local currency.
Tunisia can unite over better security and employment
07:49 GMT
Tunisians can unite over a shared desire for better security and increased employment, a leading expert of the North African country says.
It remains to be seen how long it will take oil companies to prepare the pipelines for the flow of oil, a process which could take several months
07:39 GMT
The delegations of Sudan and South Sudan in the Ethiopian capital. Addis Ababa, agreed on Tuesday to allow for the resumption of oil exports that were suspended last year.
Consumers in the UAE are extremely optimistic’ in their overall consumer confidence score
07:17 GMT
Consumer confidence in the UAE is increasing, according to latest figures from MasterCard.

March 12, 2013

The number of taxis on the road makes it harder for people to get from place to place
11:33 GMT
Unemployment in Yemen is currently around 60 per cent, but there is one area where those seeking work can always turn - taxi driving.
Global sukuk issuance to top $100bn in 2013
11:10 GMT
The value of new sukuk (Islamic bond) issuance worldwide will once again surge to more than $100 billion this year with GCC issuers dominating the market with bigger issues.
Task Force will support development of the UK's Islamic finance sector, increasing inward investment and strengthening the economy
11:05 GMT
With the continuing growth of Islamic finance across the MENA region, especially in the GCC states, the UK is to create a hub for Sharia compliant banking options.
The Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Index covers 140 countries and uses a combination of data from publicly available sources,international travel and tourism institutions and experts
09:12 GMT
The UAE is the top performer in travel and tourism competitiveness in the Mena region, followed by Qatar, according to a report released by the World Economic Forum.
Oil market trends remain supportive for the region, though less so than in 2012
07:58 GMT
High oil revenues and strong non-oil growth will underpin robust GCC economic performance in 2013, according to a new report from Fitch Ratings.
Subsidized diesel will be distributed through smart cards system in order to grant that subsidies are within reach of those who deserve it
07:51 GMT
Ahead of the rationing of fuel subsidies in Egypt, the country's black market petrol industry is increasing dramatically, Cairo residents say.