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April 2, 2013

UAE largest Arab capital exporter
09:43 GMT
The UAE has pumped in excess of $ 55 billion into foreign markets over the past three decades to emerge as the largest Arab capital exporter.
Dubai technology grey market turns a few shades lighter
08:45 GMT
Dubai's technology market, long associated with so-called 'grey' activity, is slowly becoming more legitimate.

April 1, 2013

Egyptian households see energy prices increase
12:21 GMT
February's hike in electricity prices in Egypt,plus last year's increases in the price of gas, means consumers' bills are higher than ever ahead of planned subsidy changes.
Government pursues foreign aid
12:18 GMT
Since the revolution that toppled Hosni Mubarak, governments have tried to woo foreign government in an attempt to gain much-needed financial aid, so far totaling $8.5 billion.
Qatar drives GCC exports to the UK
09:37 GMT
The United Kingdom's demand for Qatar's gas is pushing exports from the GCC region to news highs.
The total value of the UAE pharmaceutical industry was estimated at $ 1.6 billion in 2012
08:53 GMT
Saudi Arabia is expected to maintain its position as the largest pharmaceutical market in the Gulf, according to a report.
Developers are building more small apartments in order to attract new buyers.
08:50 GMT
Lebanon’s real estate market continues to suffer from regional instability despite more noticeable demand from wealthy Syrian nationals.

March 31, 2013

Closed Borders and Shrinking Markets For Exporters
12:16 GMT
As the Syrian civil war enters its third bloody year, Lebanese exporters are reeling from continued border closures halting export opportunities.
Countries of comparable size generally received around 40 prequalification applications and about 20 of them are actually invited to make a bid
12:16 GMT
Exxon Mobil, Chevron, and the National Iranian Drilling Corporation are among the 52 international energy companies submitting applications to participate in Lebanon’s first offshore gas licensing round.
Traditional suppliers consider that Egypt is around one million tonnes behind in imports
12:11 GMT
Following comments at Arab Summit in Doha, President Morsi is reportedly shifting focus away from Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States to Iraq and Libya in attempt to underwrite Egypt's financial obligations.
UAE real GDP growth to an estimated 2, percent in 2012
10:14 GMT
High public spending due to strong oil prices will enhance the UAE's position as a safe haven for investments to boost the country s economy by 3.3 per cent in 2013, despite lower crude output,
According to a 2012 survey by the U.S.-based Social Media Examiner, 83 percent of marketers said that social media was important to their business
09:45 GMT
The social-networking site Facebook is increasingly popular in Lebanon, with businesses beginning to realize the power of new media.
Growth in 2011 was affected by falls in output in the trade, manufacturing and finance sectors
09:25 GMT
New data from Kuwait shows that the non-oil economy of the country grew at a subdued 0.9 per cent in 2011, with predictions that it non-hydrocarbon sector of the economy will grow by 5 per cent in the coming twelve months.

March 28, 2013

London is considered one of the key financial centers attractive for Gulf deposits and investments
11:36 GMT
Arab economists and financial analysts are optimistic that investors in the Middle East will be able to avoid most of the fallout from the Cypriot bail-out.
Once 15 Syrian pounds a bag of bread, now sold at some 100 Syrian pounds
11:03 GMT
As the Syrian civil war grinds on into its third year, the country's economy continues to suffer as the government looks to so-called 'BRICS' nations to garner some support for trade and goods.