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March 31, 2013

Growth in 2011 was affected by falls in output in the trade, manufacturing and finance sectors
09:25 GMT
New data from Kuwait shows that the non-oil economy of the country grew at a subdued 0.9 per cent in 2011, with predictions that it non-hydrocarbon sector of the economy will grow by 5 per cent in the coming twelve months.

March 28, 2013

London is considered one of the key financial centers attractive for Gulf deposits and investments
11:36 GMT
Arab economists and financial analysts are optimistic that investors in the Middle East will be able to avoid most of the fallout from the Cypriot bail-out.
Once 15 Syrian pounds a bag of bread, now sold at some 100 Syrian pounds
11:03 GMT
As the Syrian civil war grinds on into its third year, the country's economy continues to suffer as the government looks to so-called 'BRICS' nations to garner some support for trade and goods.
The maker of the iPhone and iPad is currently looking to fill six key positions at its UAE corporate base
10:49 GMT
Apple is on a recruitment drive to boost staff at its “secret” corporate office in Abu Dhabi, the existence of which the US technology giant had not formally acknowledged until Wednesday.
Egypt’s real estate developers said that they only care about a law that facilitates distribution of land
08:51 GMT
Egypt’s government will reach a reconciliation agreement with a number of real-estate developers soon, despite concerns over corruption.
According to the report, GCC banks saw another year of “good” growth in 2012, with 6.9 per cent rise in operating income and 8 per cent in profit
08:28 GMT
Gulf banks, despite being profitable across the region, still could do plenty to improve their operations, according to leading industry experts.
The new rule comes into effect during the next two years
08:16 GMT
Owners of food establishments across Dubai have said that the Dubai Municipality’s Food Code will undoubtedly raise their annual expenditure as they scramble to readjust their menus as per the new regulations.

March 27, 2013

In Syria, it is primarily a media war. Away from the policies of Arab satellite channels, we are starting to read dozens of articles about the real situation on the ground in Syria
11:35 GMT
New media, greatly lauded during the so-called 'Arab Spring', is facing challenges in Syria as the traditional media battles it out with new forms of communication.
11:29 GMT
Emirates and Qantas airlines have been cleared by Australia's authorities for a crucial link-up that proves the Dubai-based carrier's role in the industry.
The Egyptian market is still unable to recover as the government's economic policies and current political stalemate make the stock market 'undesirable' for future investments
11:21 GMT
Two years after Egypt's January 25 Revolution, the stock market remains weak and 'undesirable' for future investors due to political and economic uncertainty.
Kuwait doesn't have the tourism authority to look after the standards of tourism facilities
07:31 GMT
Kuwait should develop its tourism sector and hospitality industry to attract more international visitors or lose them forever, a leading expert has said.
Dubai International Airport
07:28 GMT
Dubai International passenger numbers continued to soar in February, up to over five million passenger per year, the latest statistics reveal.
GCC countries are collectively studying the possibility of Value Added Tax (VAT) implementation by 2015
07:10 GMT
Investment opportunities are highly attractive in Saudi Arabia, UAE and Qatar as international investors benefit from a range of stable factors, according to industry experts.

March 26, 2013

Despite the steady economic growth in the last decade of Mubarak's rule, the proportion of the population living below the national poverty line rose from almost 17 percent of the population in 2000 to 22 percent in 2008
10:06 GMT
The Egyptian Revolution has failed to bring opportunity for all
Studies have shown that teleworking reduces employee turnover, which means saving the thousands of dollars it costs to train and hire new staff
09:59 GMT
Resistance to using remote workers could be holding back business.